200212111803053!|!Steve Cates!|!sactes@grandecom.net!|!well done!




200212121608464!|!Claude Miller!|!hawkeracer@comcast.net!|!Very nice.<BR><BR>My favorite airplane.


200212121748584!|!Paul E. Laughlin!|!pelaughlin@attbi.com!|!Was the 39th man to sign in to the "B-58 Test Force".  Worked in Bomb/Nav.  On to the 43rd Bomb Wing and then in '62 got a medical reclassification into Medical Equipment Repair.


200212122334334!|!Ron Fouts!|!rkfouts@insightbb.com!|!Thanks for a great web site.  I was stationed at Grisson AFB from 1966-1969.  I worked on the B-58's and KC-135's.<BR><BR>Thanks again.<BR><BR>Ron Fouts


200212131000095!|!Al Hamamey!|!exatc9@yahoo.com!|!Excellent site.  Your Wild Blue Yonder is thoroughly enjoyable.  It's interesting I made a copy of this for a guy in another newsgroup several months ago.  I recorded of off the original vinyl.  I started a craze with that album back circa 58-60.  I was at either Bergstorm or Dyess at the time. Old USAF and FAA air traffic controller.  Thanks for the memories.<BR><BR>Al


200212141657056!|!James G. Monk, Col. USAF, Ret.!|!JGradyMonk@aol.com!|!Flying Training Classmate, 55-India, of DSchmidt.  I have over 2000 hours in the F-106; the B-58 was the ONLY thing flying we couldn't readily catch!


200212151116520!|!Herbert Dupre!|!herbdupre@internet8.net!|!Your brother Gene is marrie to Maire my frist cousin. I wrote to you a while back hope your still doing well. One of them crashed at the Paris air show I'd like to know if that was the reason they were retired.<BR>The B-58 was quite a plane, I saw them at Coswell in 1959, the base was open to visiters that one Sunday. I was living in Jennings La. in 1962-63 they flew the B-58 supersonic at 20,000 ft. The boom was something out of this world,we knew it was coming,but it was still a shock.

<BR><BR>You have a nice web page and good music. <BR>Thanks a lot--Herbert Dupre --Houma,La


200212152256130!|!John Daniels!|!jadaniels@centurytel.net!|!Great site.  I was an A/C Electrican on the B-58's and KC-135's at Little Rock AFB.  I watched as the last B-58 make its last fly-by at LRAFB, then a few days later, watched the endless line of C-130 landing to replace the B-58's.  This site brought back a lot of memories.  I can still see the rotating turbine blades, just inches from my arm, as as I set in the intake making the required voltage checks while the crew chief motored the engine on the B-58.




200301141147292!|!Dan Holstrom!|!daniel.holstrom@wachovia.com!|!My Dad used to say that there was one thing that got and kept the B-58 running.  The dedication of the crews that maintained them.<BR><BR>May have been a maintenance nightmare, but what a great airplane.<BR><BR>Darrell - thanks again for the Site.  He wrote about 6 or 7 pages of his memories when he commanded the Wing.  If anyone would like a copy of these memoirs, please advise.  Thanks


200301141954532!|!J. K. Wilson!|!jndwil@aol.com!|!Awesome.  Loved it.


200301150645533!|!Ken Shipley!|!Kenneth.Shipley@jhuapl.edu!|!Retired CMSgt. Had the pleasure once of seeing an RB-58. I was stationed at Torrejon AB, Spain and at that time I was in the security Police. The aircraft was solid black, landed at night and departed 24 hours later in the dark. When it landed it was taxied to a hanger, where it remained until departure. Never saw another one like it. Just remember watching that "thing of beauty" take off.


200301152259423!|!Danny Lavergne!|!!|!The Hustler Dreams.<BR><BR>

200301160011384!|!once again!|!jhq1_@hotmail.com!|!Kind of messed up the other entry Panic from Larado, Send us a message. John and Angie




200301171213415!|!Leo Rodriguez, MSgt, USAF, Retired!|!LeoRodriguez751@adelphia.net!|!NCOIC, Ops Plans and Stan Board, 43rd Bomb Wing at Carswell and Little Rock from 1960 until 1966.


200301190906360!|!D.H.Smith!|!Dsmith21161@yahoo.com!|!Your web-site is a credit to the most beautiful aircraft ever.


200301221531213!|!Orlando V!|!pokey3403@hotmail.com!|!Nice site.  B-58 has always been one of my favorites.  Thanks!


200301241836055!|!Joseph J Clancy!|!joseph_cla@msn.com!|!I retired from the US Air Force in 1991.  I took care of the B-58 on display at Grissom AFB while stationed there.


200301241931535!|!Edward Gaddis!|!eddale@earthlink.net!|!Thanks for the memories. I worked on the Automatic Flight Control Systems at Carswell and Bunker Hill/Grissom from 1959 to 1968. I had a lot of interesting assignments in my Air Force career, but by far my time with the B-58s was the highlight of my military service. I really enjoyed working with the great people assigned to the 305th BW.<BR>Edward Gaddis, SMS Retired


200302052004123!|!J.V. Price!|!jvprice6@yahoo.com!|!Ex KC-135 Tanker IP


200302060253084!|!stanley r. swist!|!ms swist@comcast.net!|!just a super airplane!!!!


200302102223081!|!DJ Meberg!|!djmeberg3@bis.midco.net!|!Nice site, I'm glad it's here.


200302160945360!|!Cecil Barbee!|!Folbar@msn.com!|!At Bunker Hill AFB late 1963 to early 1966.


200302192009313!|!Bob Shore, MSGT, 305 Bomb Wing, OMS, GAFB 1963-69!|!Robestsho@aol.com!|!Thanks guys for the wonderful memories your site has brought me.  As a former Crew Chief on aircraft 123 I can still see the faces of all the Ground and Flight Crews that made the 305th Bomb Wing the best in SAC.


200302261224123!|!Marcos Bettinelli!|!marcosbettinelli@bol.com.br!|!Parab?ns pelo seu site. Moro no Brasil e gostaria que voc? inclui-se fotos dos trens de pouso e dos cockipts, pois sou plastimodelista e estou montando um B-58 em escala 1/48 da Monogram.<BR>Abra?os !!!<BR>


200303010106236!|!Jim Ostrowski!|!jim@lnjphoto.com!|!Great site! Love the stories and pictures. The Hustler was the coolest plane ever built. I'm just a fan not a pilot.... I wasn't out of school when they retired the B58.<BR><BR>There was a great illustration on the cover of the Saturday Evening Post<BR>circa 1963 (early) of 2 or 3 B58's with front Canards on a low level bomb run approaching Red Square in Moscow. This was one of the issues which serialized the novel "Fail Safe" by Lederer, I think...anyone remember that or seen a copy? - jo


200303021515560!|!Billy E. Sachse!|!billsox@ipeg.com!|!Great site, good work Darrell!


200303151325536!|!Bill "Dutch" Van Stockum!|!billvan@cheerful.com!|!Great site Darrell. Flew 58's at GAFB from 66 to 69, Dick Wagner was the AC, Kent Fry the DSO and yours truly the filling in the sandwich. Great Plane. Would like to get on the association mailing list if possible.<BR>Dutch.




200303161821140!|!Jim Ahrens!|!jahrens@mindspring.com!|!Great site -- the Hustler is a classic! -- for a bomber!  Did you happen to go through Perrin AFB (F-102s) in order to get some delta wing time.  When I was there, there was a class of SAC types getting delta wing time to help in upgrading to the Hustler.


200303161924380!|!Msgt Harry Mullen Retired!|!airforcemoon@cox.net!|!The B58 was one great aircraft. I was at Grissom 70 to 71 and then off to Nam.


200303161933300!|!HENRY ROBERT!|!hrpaving@yahoo.com!|!this old man was juut a young boy when westover air base field was built. love airplanes can not remeber witch ones are witch.


200303171602201!|!Smith R. Williams, SSGT Ret.!|!smithrodney1936@sbcglobal.net!|!The first day of the rest of my live was May 15, 1958, the day I signed into the "B-58 Test Force".  Enjoy every minute.  Hello to all you "Hustlers" out there!


200303172130411!|!Dr. Victor L. Hancock!|!DrVLH@aol.com!|!I heard about the B-58 but did not know that it was such a fine airplane.<BR>                       V. Hancock<BR>                       Tuskegee Airmen and B-25 pilot


200303172231001!|!John Manly, CDR (USN, Ret.)!|!ezyrdr57@maine.rr.com!|!The B-58 always was, and always will be an absolutely beautiful work of art, and it's fast too!  Too bad I never got to see one in flight.


200303180807362!|!BGen J Timothy Boddie Jr USAF Retired!|!jtboddie@netscape.net!|!Interesting and very historic


200303262346153!|!vincent marrozzo!|!vjmarrozzo@aol.com!|!I saw the B-58 in Chicago years ago and wanted to see some pictures of it again.


200303281959295!|!Bobby R. Ludlum!|!b58hustler @direcway.com!|!Worked on the hustler @ Carswell 1961-1965.Retired from the AF in May of 1991.


200303311740421!|!Dave Zollinger!|!dz986@maplenet.net!|!Back more than a few years ago, I went on a field trip to Grissom (Bunker Hill) AFB with my Cub Scout Pack. The B 58 was still an operational aircraft then. We were lucky enough to get to watch one land. We also got to look at one in a hangar, including looking into the cockpit from the stairs. It was a real thrill for me as a kid.<BR>I have ever felt that the B 58 was the most exciting aircraft ever produced. Nothing compares with it.<BR>The officer who was guiding our tour showed us damage to the interior of the hangar roof while we were in there. He said it was from a ground crewman that accidentally fired the ejection seat while in the hangar. He also told us that the crewman was killed in the incident. Does anyone remember this incident? I have often wondered if the story was true, or just a tall tale to impress the scouts. <BR>Thanks for the excellent website. I really enjoyed it.


200304090659313!|!Stan Hoeppner!|!stan@hardwarefreak.com!|!Have always been interested in USAF/USMC jets and aircraft of all sorts.  The B58 has always stood head and shoulders above others, in my humble opinion--just an awesome aircraft.  I so wish I could have seen one fly at an airshow, but the B58 was retired the year before I was born.  <BR><BR>My dad went to college at Central Missouri State University in Warrensburg, MO in the early 60's (Whiteman AFB being a few miles away).  He had a classmate who flew in a Hustler crew.  I recall Dad telling me many stories (3rd hand) of the exploits of his classmate/B58 pilot.  I'm 31 years young, and reside in St. Louis, MO now, just southeast of Lambert Field.<BR><BR>It would be fantastic if a B58 could be restored by one of the associations, and flown at airshows, so those of us who were to young to see her fly would have the chance to.  Likewise the F104 Stargither.  I guess I was born a generation or two late.  I see the 1950's and 60's as the truly pioneering and exciting time in the supersonic aviation arena--too bad I missed it.  I've never witnessed a sonic boom!  These too were outlawed before I was even born....pfft


200304091919423!|!Mark Mitchell!|!mpm111000@yahoo.com!|!I served in the AF 1966-70 and I'll never forget the first time I saw a 58 and a 52  at Chanute and thinking how great it will be to work on  one of  "THOSE". I went to school on"Jet:Over Two" thinkin I'd be  in SAC working on 52s or 58s but went to McChord where I stayed  on 141s for MAC. Not nearly as sexy but got to enjoying the "star Lizard" anyway. your site is great. Thanks, Mark Mitchell( I can still ID a 141 and a C5 going over without looking up


200304111738405!|!Herb Jones!|!herbajones@yahoo.com!|!43rd Bomb Wing. Maintained weapons release systems on B58 from 1960 - 1964 at Carswell AFB, Tx. Thrilled me beyond words every time I sat in<BR>cockpit. I often have dreams of flying at night and actually landing the<BR>aircraft myself. It was a huge event of my life. Herb Jones Arlington Tx


200304160043533!|!Ron Brant!|!r.d.brant@worldnet.att.net!|!General Dynamics retiree...36 years! We built great aircraft and missiles!!

200304231114443!|!ernie skiver!|!ernie.skiver@faa.gov!|!Hi There Darrell!  This is Ernie of FSI/FSBTI LGB fame dropping you a line from the "Darkside".  I talked to Ed Dearborn yesterday.  I hear you're feeling better, that's good.  I've lost touch via E-mail,especially since my move to DC.  Send me something to my ehskiver@aol.com address from your personnal address.  Talk to you soon. POCs work 202 385-4616, Res 703 519-4868,  Cell 909 318-8528.  <BR><BR>


200305022139545!|!Frank Harwood!|!fthar@omsoft. com!|!Thanks for this web site.  I enjoyed it.


200305040109290!|!Patricia Huckleberry Bolt!|!patriciastars@earthlink.net!|!Dear Darrell:<BR><BR>My father, Colonel Allen C. Huckleberry, was a B-58 pilot and Captain stationed at Carswell AFB from 1960 until about August 1964.  He was then transferred to Little Rock AFB as a B-58 pilot and later became Commander of the LRAFB Flight School until 1970. <BR><BR>The B-58 was an amazing airplane and my father loved flying her.  I understand very well your excitement and pride in having been a part of the B-58 program.<BR><BR>If you, or anyone else visiting your site, knew my fatherand have any information or memories to share, please contact me at patriciastars@earthink.net    ,or write or call:<BR><BR>Patricia Bolt<BR>1717 W. Alameda Avenue<BR>Burbank California 91506<BR>818-563-4095<BR><BR>Thank you for creating and sharing your website.<BR><BR>Sincerely,<BR><BR>Patricia Huckleberry Bolt<BR><BR>


200305121245181!|!Jim Miller!|!daoldcrow@charter..net!|!Was stationed at Hensley Naval Air Station in Grand Prairie.  I was the Payroll clerk and had to make a run to Carswell every morning. Sure enjoyed watching you take off and land.  Thought that the B-58 was the greatest plane the Air Force ever had.  Have a great day.....


200305130756472!|!Bill Worley!|!bill.worley@worldnet.att.net!|!Worked in A/R shop at Carswell AFB,Tx. Worked flight line, P& S, and was NCOIC OF debriefing at Little Rock AFB, AR untill the last B-58 went to bone yard in Jan. 1970.  Work A-10 at Barksdale AFB, La now.


200305191008341!|!Charles T. Bales!|!glockuser@lycos.com!|!Always loved the B-58 since I was a small child.Thought it was the best looking plane there was since the F-104. Also liked the P-61 Black Widow but nonthing can hold a candle to the B-58 I don't know why they canceled it It could still be used today with some stealth MODS worked into it.


200305272215182!|!Helen!|!julia@inbox.ru!|!Well done! So much specific information! I visited http://topgun.rin.ru/index_e.html it's great too


200305281925133!|!dave kennedy     727 flight engineer!|!redskin727@msn.com!|!great web site! thank you.


200306051541364!|!Joe Smilax!|!joesb58@aol.com!|!Maintenence crewmember on B-58's at Edwards AFB California, 1961- 1965.<BR>Multiple weapons tests, sonic boom tests & 3 engine take off tests. Air craft set world altitude record on September 18, 1962 W/ Fritz Fulton as pilot. Aircraft serial #59-2456 altitude record holder.


200306111153303!|!Jaak Blocken!|!jaak.blocken@tractebel.com!|!It was nice to refreshen my memory on what a great bomber plane the B58 was. Too bad we never saw it over here in Belgium.


200306120010054!|!William E. Grabowski!|!bill245@attbi.com!|!I love this web site,the information, stories and graphics are excellent.I have been here before. When i was 14 years old hiked several miles to get to an air show at Westover AFB so i could see the Hustler. It was in the early years and only did a supersonic fly by which was a big thrill at about 300 ft off the deck. I will never forget it. I am now retired with 34 yrs military service. It includes 2 yrs in the ARMY, one of them in Vietnam with the 245th Aviation company OV1 Mohawks nad the rest with the Air National Guard and Airforce Reserves com/nav avionics full time. Oh, you said to mention graphics here. How do i get to see those lot of pictures. The best to you, Bill.


200306231637381!|!Zahle Elms!|!herlufz@earthlink.net!|!Great site, Darrell.  I've enjoyed it immensely


200306232144281!|!Bobby Hay!|!1bdhay@cox-internet.c0m!|!Great Site-- Brings back memories-Was stationed at Bunker Hill 1966-1967<BR>oms-keep up the good work-THANKS


200307020858063!|!Gary Jones!|!gmjones@valleyint.com!|!Hi Darrell, just checking in again. Things in Mt. Vernon going well. Really enjoy the web site. Gary.

200307021247093!|!Donovan Monteith!|!donovanm@whidbey.net!|!Very well done and interesting.


200307060205560!|!Jesse Andrew-Andy-Johnson!|!yjohn763@centurytel.net!|!Sgt.  Sheetmetal mechanic at Grisson AFB, Indian.  Sept. 1968-March 1971.  What a fine aircraft.


200307071650081!|!Joan Wigderson!|!joanwig@aol.com!|!Hey Darryll...<BR>this is awesome... but wouldn't expect it to be otherwise... <BR>


200307161324093!|!nicolas!|!fortheunion@hotmail.com!|!French "amateur"<BR>There's just one thing to say: Why didnt the US gov. decide to get some more of these B-58? he's better than the B-1, even if over 20 years older!<BR>This site is great<BR>nicolas.


200307161351293!|!Dean Wolfe!|!kwolfe@chartermi.net!|!Served in the 305th AEMS Aug 1959-July 1962. I worked for Maintenance Supervisor Keith Tichenor as a Section Chief and Flight Line Officier.  Looking to contact A&E people to renew old memories. Just found out old car pool and A&E buddy Lew Curtis is a retired Major General. WOW!


200307171014174!|!John Sims!|!no current!|!I was a DSO from 1960 - 1967. Recently saw Jim and Monica Neimeyer at North Redington Beach, FL, near St. Petersburg. We saw Frank and Pat Brent last Fall at their home near Atlanta. Will see them again this September at their Florida Gulf Coast condo. Looking forward to seeing you next Spring or Summer at the next B-58 Convention. <BR><BR>V/R,<BR>John Sims


200307231530153!|!Randy Harris!|!randyharris@ameritech.net!|!Fascinating read, marvelous collection of photos.  Thanks very much for this view of our aviation and military histories


200307281043541!|!William E. Ray!|!irnotu@bellsouth.net!|!I was a DECM technician at BHAFB, IN from 1959 until 1965. Worked on the phase out of the B47s and then spent the rest of that time working the DECM field shop.<BR>Now that the B58 is not longer in inventory, is okay to tell the things we were not allowed to talk about back then? Like airspeed, altitude, etc.<BR>Everyone keeps referring to the aircraft as being a maintenance nightmare. I do not remember it that way. Robt McNamarra became Secretary of Defense during that time and, in addition to making a mess of his previous jobs, he hated aircraft. He wanted to do away with the bomber fleet and rely totally on ICBMs. One of his first acts, upon taking office, was to cut off funds to the B58 program. So, if the Hustler was a maintenance problem, it can be blamed on him!<BR>Funds were restored when Melvin Laird replaced McNamarra.<BR>Thank you for an outstanding webpage.


200308122325442!|!Robert Olsen!|!ROlsen7098@aol.com!|!I served at BHAFB from March 62 to Dec 66 with the 305th TS,BMP,Base Motorpool,Hauled many a B-58 and KC-135 crew to and from thiere aircraft,I was setting on the flightline side of base opps when the Broken Arrow happned to aircraft B-58A 60-1116,Have a nice newspaper cliping from the Indianapolis Star a couple of years ago where IN Senator Lugar was trying to find out what happned to the remains of that aircraft,Also a letter from the airman who went under the A/C after the fire was out with a hacksaw and cut out/open the nukes,If anyone would care to read them i will be glad to forward,Keep the great work of a beatiful aircraft going.


200308192017582!|!Anthony Cooper!|!nitehawk172@juno.com!|!May all who live and fly in freedom<BR>Never forget those who served and died to provide it.<BR><BR>CAVU<BR><BR>AC


200308232307126!|!chris brimberg!|!cbrimberg@direcway.com!|!have been in love with the b-58 since age 7. Would love to rebuild and fly one.


200308252117401!|!Stan Markovich!|!av8rnomo2@aol.com!|!Darrell, you're "not just another pretty face". <BR>Stan from Vanguard


200308261713142!|!Ed Rosenberger!|!jetjok72@iland.net!|!Nice sight, I, being an old fart, remember the B-58 when it was operational. Of course I was a Navy type.......


200308262104132!|!Guy Kerce!|!guykerce@prodigy.net!|!Mr. Schmidt,I was looking through a Aerograph 4 B-58 book my dad had and seen your john hancock in the front cover.Was wondering if & where you & he were stationed together.(Msgt Charles C. kerce Ret.).The book was copyright 85 so you must have autographed it at a hustler reunion.


200308262128222!|!Jay Martin!|!Jaymartin@everestkc.net!|!Neat, historical site. I'm a former KC-135 and C-130 guy, referred here by Jim Hathcoat. If I had a high school histrory class, I'd throw in a few questions about the B-58 on the next quiz.


200309070116050!|!stephen p adams!|!spvpadams@comcast.net!|!informed admirer


200309072058070!|!Radar!|!emixon@aol.com!|!Bye, E.C.


200309080854401!|!Smith R. Williams!|!smithrodney1936@sbcglobal.net!|!Great looking site.  Reminds me of my days at Carswell AFB (1958 - 1964) and Little Rock (1964 - 1965)  HELLO FELLOW HUSTLERS!


200309081126291!|!Ronald E. Schoonover!|!reschoonover@gbronline.com!|!I was assigned to the 43d Bomb Wing at Carswell AFB from Nov. 1959 to Dec. 1962, as Propulsion Branch Chief.


200309091321102!|!scott baxter!|!scott.baxter@us.army.mil!|!Just like military operations 69' to 71' in ROK. I had no idea that this bomber ever existed, until I stubled on it. It proves how versatile and flexible your generation was. I am attempting to research info on a private pilot license. It will be a wonderful challenge for me. I will the biggest "Hustler" on the planet once I begin. I am a ground/pounder@cannoneer looking for a new hobby. I will save this page to remind me how great things can be through perserverance and hard work!!    ssg baxter

200309151401211!|!Bobby Reed!|!bobbyKB5VIS@msn.com!|!Enjoyed the pictures and comments. Proud to be an American, and proud to <BR>have served at Little Rock AFB. I was on the ground crew that launched the<BR>last B58 to the bone yard Jan 70, a sad day I will never forget.


200309300514192!|!Ghislain Pigeon!|!pigeong@tc.gc.ca!|!Hi! Darrell<BR><BR>Nice WEB site you have there! Cheers!


200310011932593!|!Rick Boyle!|!rboyle3@cox.net!|!Just talking to my son about delta wing aircraft, and found your site on the B-58.<BR>It is good.


200310062026341!|!Michael McDade!|!michael_mcdade@sbcglobal.net!|!I always enjoy visiting the Hustler sites. Only thing I miss is getting woke up at 3am by J79's turning over during an ORI......not!


200310141540492!|!LT. MC.!|!flightline01@hotmail.com!|!Hello Colonel Schmidt.  Am putting together a presentation for the CAP squadron, Great Lakes Region 184.  I and Bob Alexander are the only SAC troopers there, so I'm out finding material.  In 1966 I was a boy scout in Greenfield In.  We had a guest speaker come down from Grissom to the American Legion post.  I was glued and made the USAF a career leaving as a TSgt.  Regularly visit Grissom and wondered what it was like to see these wonderful jets and the crews that took care of them.  Thank you sir. <BR>


200310192318240!|!Matt Loiacono!|!mattloiacono@hotmail.com!|!Great site.  Really enjoyed it.  Thank You

200310221433043!|!Steve Boucher!|!bouchersteve@hotmail.com!|!Realy nice page Mr. Schmidt. Thanks for sharing your experience in the simulator with us.


200310312212145!|!Lamar Miller!|!emarldfrog@bellsouth.net!|!Sir:<BR>It was a pleasure to be around these aircraft at Little Rock AFB, AR from 1965 thru 1967.  I'll never forget the first time I saw one of them land at night, just off the alert area.  Awesome is all I can say, and I've never forgotten it to this day!  I was a Security Policeman for 6.5 years and I've stood around a lot of different types of aircraft, but to this day the B-58 is my favorite aircraft.  Combining fighter speed and bomber power, I've always thought this was such a true "Cold War" weapon:  devastating speed and overwhelming nuclear deterent.  Such a beautiful plane when it flew also.  I especially liked it when crews would take them up for short flights without the "pod."  Mosquito-like, elegant and graceful.  I always wanted to "go for a ride."  When I was assigned to Hq 320th BMW (Heavy)in 1985, which was B-52's, I met a long-time desk bound ex-B58 pilot, and almost by accident we started talking about what an incredible aircraft it was.  I was, by then, a MSgt, he a Lt Col, but I still heard the excitment in his voice when he talked about flying B-58's!  My Dad flew on B-36's and B-52's as gunner/radio operator, and he always told me that once B-58's came on his radar he could not quite believe the rate of closure when tracking Hustler aircraft as they made peripheral runs with their bomber.  I STILL want to go for a ride! Great site, Sir!  PS:  SAC (in my mind)will always be SAC and their motto will always be "Peace is Our Profession."  If there's a better motto, I don't know what it could be.  Best Regards, Lamar Miller, MSgt, USAF (Ret Aug '88)


200310312220435!|!Lamar Miller!|!emeraldfrog@bellsouth.net!|!Sir:<BR>Below you'll see my short entry on your excellent site.  I made an error on my email address. As shown above, this is my correct email address.  Sorry for the confusion. 


200311041130392!|!ROBERT H ROADARMEL!|!broadarmel@juno.com!|!PILOT GRISSON AFB 1965-1970. QUALITY COTROL LAST 2 YEARS. MACH II MEMBER NUMBER 1000.


200311041504452!|!Donald Harstad!|!dharstad@alpinecom.net!|!Fine site.  Thank you.


200311051421193!|!Greg Turner!|!gturner@bcs1.org!|!Sir: I found your web site while doing research for a B-58 model that I'm building. The photos are especially helpful. Great site about a great bird!


200311052236423!|!A.J. Pawlowski!|!kb7kz@earthlink.net!|!One of my favorite airplanes.. I was stationed at Westover AFB, MA in 64 or 65 and saw a B-58 land without the drogue chute.. Took up lots of runway and sure smoked those tires. Great pictures and great site. Thanks for your service to our country and preserving a piece of history through your site.<BR>A.J. Pawlowski<BR>kb7kz@earthlink.net


200311091634030!|! Bob Eve!|!beve@cableone.net!|!B-58 Radar Navigator at Little Rock Air Force Base 1964-1970..  had 1000 hours in the air and probably 10,000 in the alert facility ..  just checking out your new guest book ..    <BR>


200311101033121!|!Earl Heron!|!earlheron@jjetspress.com!|!November 10, 2003<BR><BR>Hi Mr. Schmidt!<BR><BR>Wow, finally found enthusiast information on the B-58! I look forward to surfing your site thoroughly. The plane seems so obscure compared to other aircraft, I guess because they were only operational for 2 years. Tell me, do you know of a book available on the Hustler that extensively covers a pilot's or mechanic's experiences with the B-58?<BR><BR>Also, would you share why B-58s didn't get used by the Guard or Reserve after they were taken off active duty as so many other retired aircraft are?<BR><BR>Earl Heron<BR>Fighter Crew Chief<BR>Nellis AFB<BR>http://www.jjetspress.com/pub1.html


200311101313091!|!Don Smart!|!dsmart@htcomp.net!|!Darrell,<BR>As a young engineer fresh out of college in the 1950's, I went to work for Convair and was assigned to the Automatic Controls section working on the design and later testing of the flight controls and Autopilot.  I worked over at Carswell for a period with the combined test force and got to know a number of the first airforce pilots assigned to the program.<BR>It was quite an airplane and some of the innovative designs will never be repeated..<BR><BR>Don Smart 


200311132217484!|!George L. Williamson, III!|!gwilliamsoniii@austin.rr.com!|!Thanks for remembering a beautiful aircraft and the professionals who flew it. I was a DSO assigned to 63rd Bomb Squadron at Little Rock AFB, Arkansas 1964-1970.


200311151203276!|!Darrell Schmidt!|!dschmidt1@cox.net!|!THIS IS AN ANSWER TO SOME PREVIOUS QUESTIONS. <BR><BR>"I guess because they were only operational for 2 years. Tell me, do you know of a book available on the Hustler that extensively covers a pilot's or mechanic's experiences with the B-58?"<BR><BR>THE B-58 WAS OPERATIONAL FOR 10 YEARS.  MY ANNEX SECTION ON MY HOME PAGE SHOWS SEVERAL BOOKS/MAGAZINES ABOUT THE HUSTLER.<BR><BR>"Also, would you share why B-58s didn't get used by the Guard or Reserve after they were taken off active duty as so many other retired aircraft are?"<BR><BR>ONE OF THE REASONS THE B-58 WAS DEACTIVATED WAS THE VERY HIGH COST OF MAINTAINING THEM.  IT WOULD HAVE BEEN TOO EXPENSIVE FOR THE GUARD, TOO.  PLUS IT WAS DESIGNED FOR NUCLEAR BOMBS ONLY.<BR>


200311201503294!|!Elisabeth Karlson, Gothenburg, Sweden!|!elisabeth.karlson@zeta.telenordia.se!|!Hi Darrell, great site you have! Thanks for all the advise to Bruce on how to receive email photos - will try it and let you know the outcome!<BR>Love Elisabeth<BR>http://www.go.to/airbahama


200311241850321!|!Joyce Stith!|!j.stith@att.net!|!Are you the Darrell Schmidt who is a friend and former business partner of Harry Pollak and Marie?  If so please tell me how they can get in contact with you.




200312061637446!|!John "CRASH" Miottel!|!CallCrash@aol.com!|!Darrell:<BR>Congratulations on a great website. Too bad the Hustler didn't have a tailhook, you could have had some REAL thrills!!                                                                                                                        <BR>          All the Best,<BR>              CRASH


200312171557413!|!Edward J Krick!|!ekrick@satx.rr.com!|!Hi! from an old 43BW AC


200312200814276!|!Edward J. McDonald Jr.!|!evakay48@hotmail.com!|!was stationed at Bunker Hill/Grissom from July 1967 to Sept. 1970, was a security policeman and weapons clerk. NEVER got tired of looking at the B-58 probably the most beautiful aircraft to ever fly, hoping to go to Fort Worth this summer for the reunion, ED


200312201726306!|!Jim Morgan!|!jsmorgan@charter.net!|!Great web page. I was born in 58, so it is neat to see what we were doing at that time.<BR><BR>I would love to have a copy of the night takeoff picture.  It would make a great desktop background.  Thanks, Jim


200312201947036!|!Holbrook B. (Bert) DuPont!|!hbdupon@hotmail.com!|!Fabulous!  It makes me appreciate people like you who have done such fabulous things and that I rubbed shoulders with in 55-India.  Thanks for the website that will allow me to visit and see your great pictures and information.


200312202125156!|!Edd Barnes!|!EddB9@att.net!|!Happy Holidays to You, Darrell. Edd B.


200312222236211!|!Sgt Steve Ruttenberg USMC/USAR!|!steve@cronuswarp.com!|!I think the B58 is one of the coolest planes of all time!  I am an Aerospace Engineer and find this plane and the B70 as outstanding!<BR><BR>Thanks for your service to our county!


200312242032303!|!Tom KKelley!|!sac305bw@hotmail.com!|!I am doing research for a novel which involves the crash of a B-58 at Grissom Air Force Base in 1968.  Your page has been helpful but I wonder if you might answer a few questions: Under what circumstances would a B-58 be armed with a nuclear weapon during a training mission?  How would you open the overhead canopy from outside the aircraft?  Does anybody remember why two wrecked B-58s were buried at Grissom?


200312292005081!|!Norman T Hansen Jr!|!reachnorm@sbcglobal.net!|!I loved your pictures and comments about the B-58 Hustler. I think my dad flew with you. Lt Col Norman T Hansen,He passed away this year in August. If you have any pictures or stories,I would be grateful to hear them. What a waste of a beautiful airplane. Hope to hear from you soon. Norm Jr


200312311933003!|!Ed Coyne!|!ecoy100@aol.com!|!Always a joy to look at your wqeb site, Darrell. HAPPY NEW YEAR, 2004




200401021413245!|!Wayne Smith!|!wayne@smithfarm.net!|!Lt/Col (Ret). F-100's in the 60's. A-37 in the 70's.


200401021858145!|!William "Tiny" Allen Major,USAF(Ret)!|!tinyorpris@aol.com!|!Bunker Hill AFB Sep 63 thru Jan 70.  Worked in the MX1964 project at Convair the summer of 1953 mocking up the Hustler.  Taught drafting in Convair's Engineering Department Jan 1953 thru Nov 1957...worked many B-58 drawings redesigning the Hustler. Watched first flight of the Hustler in 57 from the ramp at Convair.  I had 10 shacks with Jerry Bob Anderson's crew in 1966, flew the hard bomb project at Matagorda in 68 or 69 and dropped one of the few reliable supersonic pod releases on Tonopah, Ne bomb range in 1968...and I put 3 of the birds in the Bone Yard in 1969 and 1970...Hope to make the 04 Reunion in June to give me 51 years as a true "HUSTLER"!!!Great website..


200401071407433!|!Ray Forrest!|!rforres2@tampabay.rr.com!|!This is a great site, keep up the good work. I was a Flight Test Engineer on the B-58 program 1956 to 1961.


200401181425500!|!JOE MATOS!|!suejoem@aol.com!|!BEAUTIFUL


200401191524191!|!Mike Tubbs!|!MTMID@AOL.COM!|!It's a matter of routine...to visit your website at least three or four times a year for a Hustler "fix".  A common theme seems to repeat itself among your email guests:  That the B-58 is as contemporary today as it was during its flying career.  I recently have imagined the contributions the Hustler could have made in the 9/11 aftermath.  It certainly could have held its own in the skies over Afghanistan or Iraq, and more so in the company of "Bones" (B-1's) or B-52's!  Again thanks for your splendid web-site and keeping the memory alive!  And thanks to those who have responded to my invitation to write or email your memories of the B-58 and working with Dad (Lt. Col. Charles D. Tubbs).  Keep 'em coming.  They have become a family treasure!!<BR>Best regards.<BR>Mike Tubbs

200402030940552!|!Dennis (Casey) Foht!|!dfoht@lcturbonet.com!|!I was assigned to the B-58 program at Bunker Hill AFB in 1961 fresh out of technical school at Chanute AFB, IL.  I worked in the 305th Field Maintenance Squadron Aero Repair shop & Wheel & tire shop.  Left Bunker Hill in 1966 as a Staff Sergeant.  Stayed in maintenance all my career and retired in 1983 as a Captain.  Loved the B-58 and all the folks associated with it.


200402111509103!|!Mike Bradbury!|!Dsrtowl32@aol.com!|!I'm an old F-111 Crew Chief.  Never got to see a Hustler, except in museums, and I just built a 1/48th scale model of one.  I've always been impressed by them, though.  Worked for a Vice Wing Commander at Lakenheath who flew them.  (Col. Hubert C. Place).  Neat airplane.  Looks fast, just sitting static on the ramp!<BR><BR>Mike Bradbury, MSgt, USAF, Ret.


200402150050270!|!Jesse Andrew Johnson!|!yjohn763@centurytel.net!|!I was a structural mechanic--sheetmetal--at Grisson AFB, Indiana after my return from Pleiku AFB, Vietnam -I arrived at Bunker Hill in October 1968 and got out of the Air Force in March 1971 as the Hustlers was being phased out...ONE MORE GREAT AIRPLANE!!!!!...THE WORLD DIDN'T KNOW WE HAD SUCH A FINE AIRCRAFT WITH THE SPEED AND THE CAPABILITY TO DESTROY AND ENTIRE COUNTRY....SURE PROUD WE DIDN'T AHVE TO USE THE H----MY COMPLIMENTS TO ALL OF YOU THAT FLEW IT...WHAT A BEAUTIFUL BIRD IT WAS...THANK  YOU....ANDY JOHNSON   SGT...


200402161558271!|!Paul Weinbrenner!|!weinpaul@hotmail.com!|!Fantastic.The B-58 and web manager are one in the same: speedy, competent, serving, sharp looking, powerful, intellegent and advanced in technology


200402182205013!|!Clifford  (Crash) Johnson LTC USAF RET!|!afalo@charter.net!|!I was assigbed to 305 Bomb wing Bunker hill AFB IN as a medic with air rescue I took part in evey crash at the base 62-65 I am trying to find the date an ac no of the b 58 that that caugh fire while taxing with the 6 eggs. Before Bunker hill I was assigned to Carswell with the B 58 test force. I loved the B 58


200402221033450!|!Charlie Seldenright Smsgt ret.!|!seldencd@earthlink.net!|!I was at bunker hill from 60 thru 67 was crew chief on 116 079 it was like family.


200402271805235!|!CMSGT Smokey Stover!|!sjstovers @aol.com!|!enjoy your site I was in the 43rd.at Carswell and Little Rock 1959-1964 I have a copy of then current t.o.1 B-58-1 if you or anyone has a spefic question,I can answer a lot of maintence questions since Iwas weight and balance, crew chief,and phase inspection chief during my tour. see you in June at the reunion.


200402291833300!|!Tim Osborn!|!osbots@yahoo.com!|!Great site!  As a teenager (1972 - 1975 12-15 years old) my father was stationed at Chanute AFB and I would always ride my bike around the base looking at all of the static aircraft.  One of my favorites was the B-58. I remember sometimes crawling around the pods and pretending that I was crewman preflighting the bird.  When I attended Chanute (1984) as an Airman going through the tech school the thoughts were the same although I was attending Vehicle Maintenence School.  Again, thanks for the great site!


200403031345393!|!Ken Biggs!|!12pack@bellsouth.net!|!Nice site, love the bomber.


200403031604073!|!Alex Maynard!|!alexander.maynard@mcguire.af.mil!|!I'm a KC-10A crew chief.  The B-58 is, in my not so humble New York opion, the most fasinating aircraft I've laid my eyes on.  Thank you for your work in making this site.


200403031631273!|!Derek Bailey!|!D.Bailey@rogers.com!|!excellent site. thanks for taking the time. <BR>yours in aviation <BR>"Beetle" Bailey <BR>Warrant Officer<BR>Canadian Armed Forces (Air Force)


200403052236335!|!JEFF KARCH!|!JKARCH@ADELPHIA.NET!|!Love the B-58


200403060707416!|!robert eden,m.d.!|!redenmd@aol.com!|!great site-thanks for the effort-I saw a Hustler parked outside at Meacham Field in Ft. W#orth in the early nineties-I wonder what ever happened to it-it seemed quite out of place and worthy of a much grander display


200403100005563!|!Jack Jet Williams!|!jackjet@gte.net!|!Thank you Sir for your service - I was in the USMC 1975 - 1979 . I am a certified aircraft nut.<BR><BR>God Bless you .<BR><BR>Jack Jet Williams


200403100006543!|!Jack Jet Williams!|!jackjet@gte.net!|!Thank you Sir for your service - I was in the USMC 1975 - 1979 . I am a certified aircraft nut.I LOVE the B-58 !<BR><BR>God Bless you .<BR><BR>Jack Jet Williams


200403102054183!|!george hobbs!|!george_hobbs@MSN.com!|!i read your site all the time,and really enjoy it,at one time we really depended on this airplane,i dont think alot of folks appreciate this.thanks,g.hobbs


200403111827224!|!Robert Kolach!|!convair880@shaw.ca!|!Excellent website on my favorite military aircraft. Keep up the good work!<BR>B-58<BR><BR>R.I.P.


200403140934440!|!Bruce R. Hoon!|!brhoon@cox.net!|!Like Gomer Pyle says; "Golllly" Darrell, what a beautiful airplane.  This from one of your early pilot training students.  I landed my trusty VC-47 at Bunker Hill one time....had a helluva time finding an E6B with low enough numbers to file a flight plan in that old Gooney Bird.  Darrell....you still look just like you did back in 1957.  Great site old friend.  I thank Larry Ogle for sending me your email address.  All the best to you and Lee.


200403191503395!|!Earle M. Boone!|!eboone@austin.rr.com!|!Great site, Darrell! <BR>But then that's what one would expect from such a consummate aficionado of aviation excellence.<BR>Earle

200403192258335!|!Steven Palmer!|!!|!Great site about a great plane!<BR><BR>-Steve Palmer, Ft. Worth, Texas


200403242253433!|!John R. Yannizzi!|!barneywoo@aol.com!|!assistant crew chief 305th Bunker Hill, In. 1961-1963 a/c #60-1116,<BR>60-1128


200403262306365!|!Carlos Richardson!|!olcarlos@earthlink.net!|!Wonderful story.  I was a flight test engineer on the F-102, F-106, CV880, CV990, and looked with wonder at the job our colleagues were doing at Fort Worth.  A great airplane.


200403270238256!|!Ernest L. (Mitch) Mitchell!|!themitchellsak@hotmail.com!|!I was assigned to the 3958th Test Sq. in Nov. 1959, this later bcame the 43rd BW. I was discharged in Sep. 63, reenlisted 90 days later and retired in 1978. The three years and 11 months I was at Carswell were some of the best, especially the early years during the test phase of the 58. At one time, John Denvers's Dad, Col. Deuchendorff, was the CO of the 3958th. He was one-hell-of-a pilot. He went on to the B-70 program. I saw where Smokey Stover signed this book, I last saw him at Griffiss in 1970. Good to see he's still around.


200403290904131!|!Thomas M. Zilka, State College, PA!|!!|!I was at Plattsburgh AFB, NY when the B-52G's left and the FB-111A arrived and worked with a lot of former B-58 Hustler ECM maintenance troops. These guys loved that plane. I was too young to enlist and work on the B-58, but it was always my favorite Bomber. To few exist today. What an airplane!


200404012029304!|!T.C. Williams!|!tc@williams.name!|!My father-in-law turns 70 later this month.  At one point during his 30-year AF carrer, he flew the B-58.  I know from stories it was his favorite plane.  While he has a picture of a "Hustler" in his office, I was hoping to find a scale model to present him on his birthday.  Any information you would have would be appreciated.<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>TC<BR>


200404071234053!|!Chuck Konefsky!|!jewlock@innernet.net!|!This site is fantastic!!!


200404081127084!|!Col. Leland K. Wolfe USAF Ret.!|!lobo3054@peoplepc.com!|!Hi Darrel,I have been out of touch since our last 55I convention in Fl. I<BR>haven't had any physical problems, just been wrapped around the axel with <BR>building projects etc./plus I am not much of a commputer geek.<BR>I am realy looking foward to our 55I reunion in 2005.I keep watching the AFA Air Force reunion notices but havent seen anything on a Hustler reunion<BR>or any others that applied to me. I will try to do better in keeping in touch in the future. Thanks for your friendship and the great web site.See you in 2005 if not before.


200404141435323!|!Richard Smith!|!Boatman585@yahoo.com!|!From the time I was about 5 years old til present day, the 58 grabbed hold of my imagination, and never, ever, EVER let go.


200404182230530!|!Larry McElroy!|!larry-mcelroy@excite.com!|!B-58 crew chief at little rock a.f.b. 1966 to 1970

200404200811502!|!Tom Yarbrough!|!teswoop@swbell.net!|!Just back for another visit --- hope all is well

200404210800053!|!Jim Sammy Sabine!|!vance3269@yahoo.com!|! Stationed with 305 Bomb Wing Bunker Hill A.F.B. 1959-1963. B-58 engine mech. Any body from that time still around?


200405131328324!|!Mark. D. Hesselgreaves.!|!mhsw13136@blueyonder.co.uk!|!A truly brilliant site, dedicated to a brilliant aircraft the likes of which many people havent heard unless they are interested in aviation, and have scratched deep enough under the surface. Also a truly remarkable flying career; Congratulations!!


200405132229594!|!Pam Harris!|!Harris0311@sbcglobal.net!|!My father was A/C of B-58 at Bunker Hill AFB from 1963 through 1966.  His name was William G. Harris.  I sure would love to hear from anyone who might remember him.  He also flew B-47s out of March AFB in the late 1950's and T-33s (I think) at Webb AFB.  Great site, I really loved the B-58 and was always so proud that my father flew it.  Watching one take off in the early evening with the afterburners going was a beautiful sight!


200405171818591!|!Oscar Will!|!owill@courtesy-chevrolet.com!|!Very nice web site! I was a Grumman C1-A plane captain flight mech. in 1968-1971, enjoyed flying, still enjoy aircraft.


200405180805572!|!William Starling!|!william.starling@randolph.af.mil!|!The B-58 was my very first model of any type.  I am a Master Sergeant in the Air Force now, and this very well organized website brings back fond memories of my younger days.  The only one I have seen in person was while attending technical school for aircraft avionics systems at Chanut AFB, Ill. on static display.  Thanks for the website and for your military time served for our country!  I salute you all.


200405271205004!|!James R. Prout!|!prou2179@bellsouth.net!|!My Father, Les Prout flew the B-58 and I try and stay intouch. If anyone has any of the B-58 patches let me know.<BR><BR>Thanks Jim Prout


200405311449491!|!tony dipietro!|!adipietro6@comcast.net!|!DARREL    Great site !!!!!  Great memories !!!!! thanks .  tony


200406021705073!|!Bob Brown!|!rebrow@atlantic,net!|!Quite an airplane. There wasnt any thing like it when I started flying 60yrs ago.


200406032151544!|!Steven C Rakoci!|!rakoci@citlink.net!|!I was attached to the 305th Organizational Maintenance Squardron at Bunkerhill AFB from 1962 thru 1964 and was on the Ground Crew of B-58 #058.


200406111729065!|!Dale R. Messimer!|!rtepak6@aol.com!|!Hi,<BR><BR>I?m putting together a private collection of Cold War era bomber load adjusters and was wondering if the B-58 Hustler, with all of its sophisticated technology, actually had a backup weight and balance slide rule adjuster. So far I have all of the B-47and B-52 adjusters along with the support aircraft, but have yet to locate an example for the B-58.<BR><BR>Sure would enjoy hearing from anyone who recalls if the B-58 actually carried one or if an example really exists.<BR><BR>All the best,<BR><BR>Dale R. Messimer<BR>rtepak6@aol.com

200406122054576!|!Guy Kerce!|!guykerce@prodigy.net!|!The reunion was great.I am honored to have got to meet you.I look forward to the next one.I would love to here at least one exciting story of your experience flying this great A/C.<BR>Guy Kerce


200406161250323!|!Baeten Rudy!|!rudy.baeten@pandora.be!|!Great site with nice photo's


200406190733526!|!Kathy Tidwell!|!ktidwell@airmail.net!|!My dad LTC John Tidwell was stationed at Grissom (Bunker Hill) from 1961 to 1969; then at Little Rock from 1969 to 1970 when he retired.  Crew at Grissom included navigator Chuck Bailey and DSO Sonny Lane.  Lost him suddenly in 1979 (car accident)-- never enough time to ask all of those questions that interest you as you get older.  While any stories would be appreciated, I have two questions that stand out:  (1) Does anyone remember the time the plane "iced" off the runway into a snow pile and why -- apparently it wasn't a big secret because a "replica" of the incident was on his 40th birthday cake at his surprise party in Grissom; and (2) we have pictures of all of us going to meet his plane on the flightline with a ceremony when the crew returned with a trophy from an airshow/contest, I think (?)...  Can anyone tell me the name/nature of the event and what the trophy was for?  All of the mucky mucks and photographers were there and Mom had to get herself and the five kids dressed up or it may have been just four kids then because Jack (JET, Jr.) was not born until 1964 (yeah, at Grissom and with an early arrival that Mom attributes to having been on the flightline observing MITO's or JATO's the day before). As kids, we knew it was a "command performance" -- Mom had to wear her standard issue OWC girdle!  Any time we hugged Mom and she felt "hard" we knew it was church, the Officers' Club, the Officers' Wives' Club or some other command performance.  Funny what you notice when you're a child.<BR><BR>There is a third question but it is on a much more somber note.  Dad was apparently on an accident investigation board.  It was just before Christmas and Dad was sent to an accident site in Kentucky, near Lexington, I think.  Does anyone have any information on this - year, etc.?  I remember that we kids were worried that he wouldn't be home in time for Christmas.  But he was -- just in time.  However, even as kids, we were cognizant of the fact that some othe


200406192127166!|!M/sgt. Kenneth C. Laughrun !|!klaughr@aol.com!|!  I was assinged 13 Nov 59.to  the B-58 progrom. the evaluation and training GP. 15 mar 1960. Assigned to the 43rd Bomb Wing. I worked as crew chief, flight chief, and maintance control. Iretired 31 Jan. 1964 . Injoyed web sigth  . KEN LAUGHRUN.




200406211106191!|!Bruce Robert Groesbeck III!|!BGROESBECK@bak.rr.com!|!My father flew B-58's and retired as a LtCol in 69.  Our last duty station was in Minot N.D.  He is still alive at 86 and lives with my mother, Wanda, in Bakersfield, CA.  We thoroughly enjoy their stories of Air <BR>Force Life.  I enjoyed your website.


200406261146056!|!ED  HARRIS!|!ejharris@texoma.net!|!Just a pretty face. <BR>Nice looking web page and information on the hustler, thanks.


200406291327362!|!George Rowell!|!jetslammer@juno.com!|!nice site<BR>the B58 was a grand aircraft<BR>met you at Alteon LGB


200407041124060!|!Mark D. Cook!|!imMethusaleh@cox.net!|!My first sighting of a B-58 was when one came to Nellis AFB to partake<BR>in one of the many airshows we put on there.  Upon landing the pilot said<BR>"I think I blew some tires".  To us ol' fighter pilots that was kind of<BR>funny, until we realized how many tires he had...he could afford to lose <BR>a few!  On takeoff he pulled the gear up and immediately did a roll!  That<BR>got our attention too, and he was a welcomed aviator at the home of the<BR>fighter pilot after that.  I know firsthand the thrill of 'stokin up' the<BR>J79 in my trusty F104, and I suspect that lighting off four of them on<BR>the Hustler was about four times as much fun.  The only disparaging remark<BR>I can make is that I saw the Hustler on the end of the runway with all<BR>four aftergafters going, and he didn't budge.  Don't try that with your<BR>little fighter, or you'll skid the rubber right off the tires unless you<BR>get off the brakes real quick.  I proudly served in the USAF Fighter Weapons School, as an instructor, as a test project manager, and as commander of the 422 test squadron, for over 12 years.  It seems that<BR>everytime I went someplace else, like Cold Lake Alberta, or Vietnam, they'd<BR>always send me back to Nellis.  Mark Cook, Col, USAF (Ret)


200407100511126!|!Jon M. Foss!|!fossbbj@reachone.com!|!Thanks for the memories.. In my retirement years, I have lots of time to remember the good days and parts of my life.. Being in the Air Force was some of the best of my life.. 


200407141635063!|!Lamar Miller!|!rolandmiller@bellsouth.net!|!Still think of the B-58 as a beautiful aircraft after all these years.  Such striking lines for the times!  Enjoyed your site. 


200407171902206!|!John Lootens!|!jlootens1@myway.com!|!I was stationed at Grissom AFB from 1971 to 1972. I believe the B58 was still flying from there at the time.


200407261817331!|!Lawrence (Larry) Lewis!|!lslewis@florida-showcase.com!|!I 1955-60 I was part of the design team that built the radar countermeasures system for the third station.  I have never lost my love for the 58.  I belonged to the association for several years but never went to the reunions so I dropped.<BR><BR>I have always wanted to build a flying model of the plane.  Never have I found any thing but a plastic kit.  To my knowledge there are only three model B-58 flying in the world!  All self designed and built, but with propellers on the inboard nacelles or a pusher prop in the rear.<BR><BR>I hope to be built the 4th using ducted fans.  The nacelles will be slightly over scale but it will look and fly like a B-58.<BR><BR>My your wind be down the runway,<BR>Larry<BR>Cape Coral, Florida


200407261828251!|!Lawrence (Larry) Lewis!|!lslewis@florida-showcase.com!|!After I made my last entry I began to read some of this guest book.  Rumors of bad things about the 58 suck.  I was envolved with some of the testing of the countermeasures systems.  During the tests the 58 was NEVER stopped!  We ran through air defense at will.  And they hated it!  Degrading the 58 was political B.S.

200408090058031!|!charles box!|!cbox@gbronline.com:!|!does anyone recall the B58 going down in western Okla.in 1966 or 67?,I was on duty at the 746th A C&W sqdn.at TinkerAFB about 3 AM they made an ECM run on us,turned us yellow on scope for 10 min,and crashed while we were blank.tha58 was from LRAFB. very nice website, brings back memories.thank you,Amn. 1st Charles Box

200408230009161!|!John Albanese!|!jalbanese@shaw.ca!|!Very facisinating- would have loved to have gone for a ride - ever since I was a kid I've just loved these great airplanes !


200408230134091!|!nicholas!|!grimshawn!|!<BR>i like the b58


200408231437021!|!John Preble!|!john.c.preble@lmco.com!|!Great Site!!!!


200408271644055!|!Ghano!|!ghanobj@centrin.net.id!|!"Huge Toy" wish I had a change to play with<BR>Bravo


200408282029306!|!Bobby!|!stryke81@aol.com!|!Great site. My uncle was the only survivor of 1023 crash in Utah April 1960. I've been a B-58 fan since a young boy as he sent me data and pictures.


200408291311360!|!Joel N. Daniel!|!joeldaniel@earthlink.net!|!65th Bomb Sq.  Pilot   1964-1966<BR>Retired Airline Pilot  1966-1995<BR>611 Porter Lane <BR>Hermosa Beach, CA 90254   (310) 374-6466


200408291824210!|!Steve Rullman!|!redoubt@earthlink.net!|!Thanks for an interesting and informative website.<BR>Steve Rullman<BR>Retired Airline Pilot 1965-2002. <BR>Now a member of the Dickweed Heavy Bomber Group<BR>www.bombergroup.com


200408301834141!|!Edward Rodda!|!erodda@satx.rr.com!|!My dad was stationed at Edwards when the last B-58 Squadron departed at night.  I still remember standing on the edge of the runway yelling as they blew by with afterburners lighting up the runway.


200408310529272!|!Cal Wilkerson!|!nwilker@tstar.net!|!Via E.C. Mixon.  Lovely website!


200409061311561!|!Vickie!|!viloura@hotmail.com!|!Hi - I have a B-58 Hustler model, untouched, in its original box.  I was going to put it on ebay, but found your site while trying to find out its value.  I thought it might be of more interest to you or someone else in your organization instead of the general public.  What do you think?  Should I place it on ebay, or see if one of you would like to buy it?  Thank you for your feedback.  Vickie


200409062217041!|!Rich!|!boatman585@yahoo.com!|!The B-58 was, without a doubt, the most beautiful bomber ever built. It was a very fast aircraft, built during the times when very fast aircraft still had character. I wish one was still flying today.


200409151307383!|!JIM MONK - CLASS 55-I!|!JGradyMonk@aol.com!|!Hi Darrell, I recall the days of Chasing B-58s around the Exercise Sky in the F-106.  Whoever ran out of JP-4 was the looser.  We could go supersonic at low altitude, but rarely was it approved.<BR>Cheers<BR>PS  I have a slide of you being thrown into the pool at Greenville after your T-6 solo.


200409171456005!|!Gary M. Congdon!|!garymichael_fngrlks@hotmail.com!|!Ssgt,Crew Control,63rd Bomb Squadron, 1967 through the turnover of LRAFB to TAC.  Amazed at how many people have never heard of the B-58 "Hustler"; am educating them.  Am glad finding sites on the internet; brings back many fond memories of a great aircraft and many exeptional and outstanding personel.


200409210857212!|!Herb Rickert, Jr!|!ohmygod60@juno.com!|!I learned about the B-58 as a young airman stationed at Keesler AFB in the fall of 1959.  A B-58 had crashed in MI in a tung oil field.  I was part of the "grunt squad" that spent a week at the crash site picking up the pieces. I got to keep a few scraps (honeycomb, circuit board, etc which have been lost during my many geographic moves.<BR><BR>Thanks for your web site.  The B-58 was a true dream machine!!


200409251008346!|!Ralph Pruitt Jr.!|!ralphpruittjr@aol.com!|!My father Ralph Pruitt was crewchief on a B-58.  His aircraft flew from Carswell AFB to Davis-Monthan to pick up the squadron colors.  I got to take the day off school and go out to see my fathers aircraft.   I sat in the cockpit and walked around the plane. A proud moment.


200410030846010!|!Carl D. Binongcal!|!bokiyo@aol.com!|!I love the B-58 Hustler.  It is my favorite a/c of all time.  As a young boy I would build models and use mom's nail polish to paint the red and her mascara to make the wheels black.  Over the years I've built (and lost or damaged; 24 years on active duty in the Air Force did that!!) many B-58 models.  Wish I could find one in 1/48 scale professionally built that would not cost an arm and a leg.  Great site.....love the pictures.<BR>Carl Binongcal, MSgt,USAF (RET)


200410271439403!|!John McEvoy!|!john.mcevoy@pw.utc.com!|!1967-68 weapons mechanic on the B58 at Bunker Hill just reminiscing after looking at  my 305th patch in a shadow box.


200410291727275!|!Pat Ritchie!|!pmritchie@msn.com!|!I explored the site. It's great I'm trying to find pics of my dad's plane it was 59-2457. He was in the 43d OMS '61-65 CAFB and LRAFB. His name is Bob Ritchie he was an A2c.<BR>V/R<BR>AM1 Ritchie USNR


200410301328486!|!Bob Ritchie!|!ritchie016052yahoo.com!|!The proudest moments of my life were the times I spent crewing B58 59-2457 from June 1962 thru January 1966 at Carswell and Little Rock AFB. My crew included SPRING DIXON GRAZIOSO YOIST and a few other great guys. We kept old " UNPREDICTABLE " flying and were happy to do it.


200411011845171!|!Ken Stephens!|!kstephens43@comcast.net!|!I like your site.<BR><BR>I always thought the 58 was one sexy aircraft.  It was very compact in the cockpit, and the pilot could reach everything very easily.  (Nice for those of us who are compact in size.)<BR><BR>Alas, it drank fuel like it was going out of style.<BR><BR>          Ken<BR>


200411011949561!|!Bob Ritchie!|!ritchie01605@yahoo. com!|!This e-mail address is correct. The one three spaces down is wrong. Would like to hear from any of the old 43 OMS types from the 62-66 era. Those were some days.

200411021017002!|!Steve Arnold!|!sarnold6476@sbcglobal.met!|!As a Weapon Mechanic ( #4 man on a loading team ) I well remember those cold Indiana winters out on the open flight line or in the open ended shelters. Nothing like an ORI to keep you on your toes when all you really wanted to do was lay down on the ramp and go to sleep. Yes, those were the days. 1966-1967


200411112213364!|!Ron De Friese(S/Sgt USAF (Medic)!|!defriese@rboinc.com!|!November 11,2005 Veterans Day..God Bless our veterans<BR>I was stationed at(Bunker Hill)Grissom AFB Indiana from March 1966 to May 1969 with the 827th Medical Group as a medic(corpman). I worked the emergency room and would go out to the flight line for various types of calls in one of our ambulances to stand ready. We called them "crackerboxes". They had a large cross painted on them and of course were painted in the Air Force blue. It was great to see the B-58's come in and take off at night!!!! What an awsesome sound!!!<BR>I would like to hear from anyone that was with the 827th Medical Group from the 1966 to 1969 era. <BR>Thanks for such a nice website.....GO AIR FORCE!!!!


200411192156235!|!lester a. blackwell, msgt retired (1953-1973)!|!jalablack@verizon.com!|!cadre member 43bw 1960-62; intel section, target materials shop, oic was capt bardnell.  heavy workloads placed on all personnel due SAC emphasis to make wing combat ready soonest. lifespan of B-58 was short but left its mark in history.


200411192231155!|!lester a. blackwell!|!jalablack@verizon.net!|!correction to earlier Email address.


200411251418464!|!Major John L. Gill, Jr. (Ret.)!|!jgilljr@satx.rr.com!|!Beautiful.  I didn't fly it; I flew fighters - P40, P51, F,86, F89, and a lot of T-33 Instructor time.


200411281708180!|!Don Smith!|!jodon34@msn.com!|!Glad I found this site, am going to contact several people I remember. I was a Fire Control Tech. from Aug 1958 till April 1963. Left the Air Force and later joined the Navy Reserve from which I retired. Now live in Hot Springs Village, Arkansas and would like to hear from anyone.


200412011345153!|!Jerry Ross!|!jrsgraphics@ameritech.net!|!305th bomb wing bunker hill afb ground crew member on 612078 from 1965-1967

200412060919201!|!JD Long!|!jdlong@classicnet.net!|!Served in 43rd from Aug 61 - Dec 66 and again from March 68 - Aug 69.  Ground crew on 59-2454, spent lots of time on alert at Little Rock.  Operation Heat Rise and the photo mission Alaska earthquake are two of my memorable events.


200412151032103!|!Douglas Morgan!|!dou_morgan@nema.org!|!During a recent trip to my parents's home, I found a box of junk from my childhood, from before I joined the Navy in 1979. Among the items in the box was a sketch pad that recorded my intense boyhood interest in military aviation. I opened the book, and the very first drawing was of the B-58 Hustler. I was surprised at how good a drawing it was! I remember thinking that the B-58 was the toughest-looking aircraft in the world, with its delta wing and those four huge engines. It looked fast, mean, efficient, like a flying cheetah. What an inspiring sight to behold! No wonder my drawing was so good - how could I have gone wrong when the subject was so perfect? The brilliant and brave men who designed, built, and flew that mighty warrior have my undying respect. Thanks for putting up a website to honor a most conspicuous Cold Warrior. 


200412301034194!|!Randy Bazet!|!!|!Brings back fond memories (KC/EC/RC-135 Nav.) Pumped a lot of gas to B-58 flying out of Grissom AFB 1965-1971


200412302001194!|!Melvin Avery!|!melavery2@comcast.net!|!Thanks for the interesting website.  Was wondering what the cord, span and the max weight was. Am toying with an idea and need something to compair. Tks mel


200501011226036!|!MSGT(ret) Ron Blessing!|!!|!I think that it is great when someone goes the extra mile to keep the Air Force History (story) alive.  Keep up the great work.




200501130822114!|!Alex Guruprasad!|!aguruprasad@standardaero.com!|!I am in San Antonio at the moment and there is a B-58 outside of the building I am working in.  One question we all have is how did the nose gear retract since it was so close to the external tank?

200501162204560!|!Nicholas Stephens!|!netjetnick@yahoo.com!|!Fabulous machine and way ahead of it's time.  Thanks for the pictures and information.


200501212100325!|!Don Dobbins!|!ddobbin@entergy.com!|!Very good site, anything to do with the B-58 gets my interest. Visually it was a stunning, beautiful machine. I grew up in a great place for an airplane crazy Air Force brat - Little Rock Aif Force Base. My dad was in Air Traffic Control and also worked in the Photo section. I'll never forget the B-47's and especially the B-58's. After they were retired and the last ones left Jacksonville for the boneyard it was eerily quiet...you could hear J79's all day and night from my house. I missed that sound. When the C-130's showed up I was depressed. The Herc is a great bird in it's own right, we still see them incessantly pushing the sky around as they drone overhead in Arkansas. But the eye factor just isn't there. My favorite B-58 memories are night takeoffs viewed from the hill by the Ops shack - loud noise and blue fire screaming from those 4 engines. Once I was lucky enought to have a friend, who I belive was a navigator, Silvio D'arco, take us to see his B-58 while in a hanger. I got to sit in all the crew stations. They couldn't arrange a flight for me though, bummer. I asked why would they retire such a great plane and Silvio said money. Approx 1 million dollars a month to maintain a bird if I recall correctly. About 1985 or so, I took pictures of a B-58 that collapsed it's main gear on landing I believe. It was propped up on it's gear after it was salvaged and towed to an area near the Hidden Hilton where it languished. It had on it's tail Bagbys Baby I think. It was supposed to be restored to put on display with the B-47 but politics ended up sending it to San Antonio, Tx I was told. One of my neighbors, Don Kelly, flew 58's. He's told me many interesting things about the plane. It makes me wish I could've flown one.


200501230634580!|!H. F. "Skip" Sharp, II!|!skip6@exis.net!|!I am a retired Marine Corps Phantom pilot.  I remember the last B-58's I saw were at Little Rock AFB in about 1968.  I was a flight instructor in F9F-8's at NAAS, Kingsville, Texas and I would fly over the airport and point the airplanes out to my students as excellent machines that were ahead of their time.<BR>Ajax


200501232119140!|!Allen W. Inks!|!inks@mstfirm.com!|!Thanks!  For your service, and your webpage.


200501241553221!|!chuck devine!|!cdevine@miamidade.gov!|!great info on a great bomber,I miss the b58.do you know if any diecast medal models are avialable of the b58.let me know-take care-chuck devine


200501241835111!|!George W Marrs (Retired AF Msgt)!|!ae24u8@kvinet.com!|!Enjoyed the site & Pic's


200501242153201!|!Lt Col Brian Tighe!|!BCTIGHE@aol.com!|!Great site!!  Great airplane




200502020705483!|!Gary (warrior)!|!!|!The B58 is my # one bomber Thank You


200502031510314!|!Mike Arend!|!michael.s.arend@lmco.com!|!Great site!  Although I never got to see or hear the "Hustler" fly over, I have crawled all over serveral statics around the US.  A great "fan" of this very advanced aircraft, and to the men who conceived, built, flew, and maintained this wonderful addition to our history!  Thanks all!


200502071246451!|!Sonia Angell Schmitt!|!schmitsa@innw.net!|!Interesting site!


200502140908311!|!Janet Parham!|!janet.parham@cae.com!|!Enjoyed your site about the B-58.  My Dad, John Oliver, flew the B-58 and I have his pictures and models in my office at SimuFlite.   


200502142318481!|!Craig Colton!|!c_colt@cox.net!|!My dad was Tom Colton stationed at Bunkerhill, he was a Nav on the Hustler.  I am a AF recruiter but spent 5 years as an instructor on the B-2 and 10 years maintenance on the B-1.  Great site


200502181156105!|!Chuck Lomax!|!chucklomax@verizon.net!|!thanks for the e mail on the Hustler


200502191239406!|!CARMINE!|!crmm_pl@yahoo.ca!|!thank you for providing this site.


200502242246094!|!Dennis Lancaster!|!dnnslncstr@aol.com!|!I have been in love with the B-58 all my life. I'm a private pilot and fly ultralites and anything i can, flight sim's ect, I have a flight yoke bolted to my desk and fly the 58 on the flight sim 98 when ever possible. It's god gift to flight. It's lines are the best of man's contribution to flight. I'm trying to get a b-58 to load to microft 2004 sim but have not been abul to do so. thanks. Dennis Lancaster


200502251424245!|!Aldo Yuncker!|!ay4t@aol.com!|!worked in the wheel and tire shop at Buncker Hill, to also change the wheel and tire asy. on the aircraft as well as building them up in shop


200502262107506!|!Bill Smith, Col USAF (Ret)!|!w4hmv@aol.com!|!Great site for a special aircraft!  I was a B-52 co-pilot in the late 60s and had the privilege of flying a buff for a fly-by for a retirement of a 3 or 4 star general at HQ SAC, probably in 1969.  We had 3 KC-135s, 3 Buffs (a D, a G and an H) and 3 Hustlers!  We formed up off the Neola, Iowa vortac and flew in holding patterns, blocking 1,000 feet for each type of aircraft until the time to head to Offutt.  It was a treat to see the B-58s and is a sight I will always remember and cherish.  What a great looking airplane!  Thanks for the web site and the memories!  Bill


200502262355476!|!George Rice!|!grrice@cableone.net!|!Ihad a Uncle that helped design and build the Hustler. I at one time 45yrs ago must have built 20 Monogram plastic B-58. At the time I probably knew more about the Hustler than any civilian in the Country. One thing that I was told, and whether it is true or not, I am not sure, but to eject its Nuc Bomb, at 700ft, it would roll over on it's back, kick off the bomb, roll back over, go Supersonic and be out of range of the blast by the time the bomb went off. When they retired her, I cried, bucause her capabilities, should have kept her around for far more years.  God Bless and God Bless America<BR><BR>George


200502271135220!|!MSgt Jimmie C Jackson  USAF retired!|!jimcjacks@netscape.com!|!Your site brought back many memories.. I was stationed at Grissom AFB with the 305 BW from 1967 until Jul 1969.. I scheduled KC135s and worked side by side with the B58 scheduler..My son Col Jimmie C Jackson is now the commander of the 305thAMR at McGuire.. Thanks for the memories..Jim Jackson


200503021659103!|!virley franco!|!virley_f@hotmail.com!|!I send my congratulations for your beautiful page. I like to fly even though I have studied economics. I am really so sad for the 11 sept 2001 happenings  I am here in germany and always I wiil be fighting for your country Sir.<BR><BR>God Bless America forever.


200503030231464!|!larry williams!|!duddix@hotmail.com!|!Great site!  Sure brought back memories.  I was the crew chief on the B-58 that crashed on take-off in 1967 (I think the tail # 064).  I was stationed at Bunker Hill AFB and while I was there they changed the name of the base to Grissom AFB.  I still have my 305 BW patch from my flight jacket. I can still remember those long recoveries after a super sonic flight...<BR><BR>Aloha<BR>Larry


200503031211284!|!Renato Costa!|!raquetao@terra.com.br!|!Congratulations !  A beatiful plane in a very good looking page !<BR><BR>Best Regards .  Costa .

200503042112495!|!Robert W. Wentz!|!rathaus@juno.com!|!A non-pilot, U. S. Army logistical officer,  I have always been interested in the B-58.  To me it has always been "the" aircraft. Many thanks for your site.


200503042301295!|!Jimmy Haynes!|!jhaynes@wiredog.com!|!Great B-58 Website!


200503051659416!|!Arthur G. Duston!|!dusty105@cox.net!|!I always thought the B-58 was a great looking aircraft.  I flew the F-105 and I think I enjoyed the single seat flying better.  Thanks.


200503072119561!|!lin Vittitow!|!linvitt83@hotmail.com!|!Great pics, and music. Thanks a lot.From an old P38 driver ww2.

200503081008442!|!Ron Roberts!|!rrrva@aol.com!|!Class 54K


200503150900172!|!Don D. Kelley, Sr.!|!FATSOCKS@ATT.NET!|!Outstanding Job.


200503161105353!|!Elvin E. Brown!|!elvinbrown@charter.net!|!A Fun Site.  Thanks for putting the pictures and informaiton on the web for all of us to view.  Being a mechanical engineer, my hat is off to the engineers who designed this machine. 


200503211535231!|!Paul Bowen!|!pbowen@hogan1.com!|!What a culture shock for the field grade officers, like Darrell, who were transferred from piloting one of the top performing aircraft in the USAF to one of the slowest aircraft in the USAF---the C-7A Caribou.  Talk about having to slow down your "cross check"!  Darrell and his cohorts had time to eat their lunch, shine their boots and comb their hair on short final and still maintain aircraft control!


200503212151401!|!Bob Kalcevic!|!bobkalcevic@comcast.net!|!What a great web site. I was with the 45MMS 305TH Bomb Wing as a number 2 man from July 1966 to December 1967 again from December 1968 to December 1969 as a team chief.  Most of 1968 was spent with the 4258MMS 4258TH Bomb Wing in Thailand.  The B-58 was a proud bird and I enjoyed watching her operate, especially at night with the fire coming off the AB's, and the ear shattering noice off those engines.  Your site brings back many memories.  I'm very proud to be one of the comparatively few men to have loaded the B-58 Hustler.


200503252321485!|!Gary Mann!|!garekat@comcast.net!|!I've always had a great deal of respect for the men who crew all of our strategic bombers. My father comleted a tour of duty as a navigator in WWII with a B-24 Liberator bomber group of the 8th Air Force in England. After the war he continued flying as a lead navigator with the Miltary Air Transport Service, flying supplies into Berlin during the air lift and later airlifting casualties out of Korea, and continuing on flying status until the early 1960's, when he became involved in manpower planning for USAFE from 1961-1964, and then returning to the Pentagon for the last six years of his career.  <BR><BR>Its great to see that people are preserving a written history of this youngest branch of the defense department, as well as its contibutions to both avaiation and freedom. <BR><BR>Its quite one thing to see these planes in static display at museums around the country, but I fear that when my generation passes on, my children and their children will have no concept of the bravery and dedication, in war and peace, of the men who made these fantastic aircraft come to life on a daily basis.<BR><BR>Thank you, and God bless.


200503261513226!|!James Kenneth Sizer!|!Kingsizer@aol.com!|!I personally know one of the former pilots for this airplane.  He is Darrell Schmidt and we have lots in common.  He is a  great Instructor Pilot for sure.  I know because he has been my Instructor for about two or three courses.


200503262057186!|!ANTONIO M.FRAGOSO!|!fragoso785@yahoo.co.uk!|!Later...


200503271511310!|!j barrett!|!flyinhigh.1@netzero.com!|!Thanks. My first model airplane and the coolest strategic aircraft ever.


200503280033391!|!Ed Mang!|!emang@surewest.net!|!Great pages!! I was stationed at Little Rock AFB in 1969-70, Boom Operator.<BR>Nice job!


200503310546474!|!Rolf E. Dean Msgt,USAF, Ret!|!eodean@tds.net!|!I remember them from when I entered the service(1959) but never actually was stationed where they were at.


200504040043211!|!SGT  CARDOZA, STEVEN  MNC-I C-6 CONVOY OPS !|!wg1450cc@aol.com!|!I have some authenic pic's myself of the f-22<BR><BR>nice shots on your end


200504070802004!|!Roger M. Boan!|!rboan@cox.net!|!DSO, 64th Bomb Sqdn, 43rd Bomb Wing


200504111426041!|!mike johnson!|!totleigh@breathe.com!|!I have always had a fascination for the hustler-I flew the E-E lightning'<BR>I wish I had had the opportunity! lucky man.


200504141310454!|!W. B. "Bill" Atkins!|!w.atkins@charter.net!|!I was an engineer in the Radar Design Group at Convair during the B-58 period, then went on to head the Radar Group which worked on the -111's.  Thanks for doing all the work it took to produce this excellent webpage.<BR>I think the B-58 was too far ahead of the available technology.  I have always wondered what kink of aircraft it might have been if only it had had the fan engines and solid state avionics which came along about 5-10 years later.


200504151310105!|!Howard Keck   TSgt. USAF (Ret)!|!Kecks2@msn.com!|!Worked on B-58's from '59 till '64 at Carswell (43rd OMS). Little Rock from '64 till '70.  Crew Chief on 59-2445 also in Job Control at Littl Rock.


200504152018575!|!Kent Olson!|!kfolson@ccfusa.org!|!Great site...fantastic aircraft


200504160000536!|!Amanda Cole!|!ajcole2000@yahoo.com!|!I am one of the owners for this yahoo group http://groups.yahoo.com/group/airforcewives/. I had fallen onto your website with a B52 search! I just thought it was neat to see some History with the Air Force. So I have shared your main photo with the spouses amonth this group as well as your link.<BR><BR>Thanks for serving for our country! Love our website and thanks for keeping updated for military spouses like me!

200504161650166!|!jesus hernandez!|!jh58texican@yahoo.com!|!Thanks


200504231346126!|!George H Horton MSgt USAF RET!|!GHorton424@aol.com!|!Was at Carswell AFB Texas  1962 to 1963 Was Loader and Weapons Line Chief<BR>Loased MB1C Pods and Blu2B Two Component pods  Was Nuclear Safety Supervisor


200504241359160!|!J ohn Smihula!|!disptexan@yahoo.com!|!Served with the 43rd Bomb Wing, 43rd FMS as A/C Instrument Repair. The 58 was a nightmare but she is still one of my favorite aircraft.


200505011928190!|!PAUL MANNING!|!paully494@yahoo.c



200505041948453!|!James Kenneth Sizer!|!Kingsizer@aol.com!|!I think this is my third or forth time reviewing the site.  However, I enjoyed it every time.  Keep up the good work.


200505051145554!|!HOWARD G WHEATCROFT!|!hgwheat2@aol.com!|!i was part of the test force. working in the admin section writing up reports.




200505200623205!|!Dan Fullington!|!bcfullington@netscape.net!|!I was a Bomb/nav tech. at Little Rock AFB 1967 until Deactivation in 1970.<BR>I am looking for a picture; the one of a B-58 just after takeoff early morning or evening afterburner lit, if anyone knows a web site or where I could get the photo please e-mail me. Of all the modern aircraft the B-58 was still way ahead of it time.


200505251208553!|!bill adams!|!billadams5@juno.com!|!Darrel haven't heard from you in quite sometime.<BR><BR>Hope all is going well.


200505262219564!|!Dickie Bishop!|!jamcamben@sbcglobal,net!|!Just wanted to stay in touch.I met you in Ft. Worth at the reunion in 2003. I was the crew chief on 458 when it went to the museum. Hope this finds you well. LRAFB 67-70


200505301601081!|!Norm Botsford!|!nbotsford@hotmail.com!|!Great website dedicated to one of the best aircraft ever! Thanks




200505312207012!|!Forest A. Keiser!|!fkeiser@ccrtc.com!|!Field Maintenance Officer, 43rd Bomb Wing, LRAFB, 1967-70


200506021301444!|!Henry (Hank) Titone!|!henry.titone@us.army.mil!|!I was assigned to the 305th Bomb Wing at Grissom AFB from June 1968 to August 1969. I was a DECM repair person in the EMS squadron.  It was one of the best experiences of my early working career.  To this day I do not believe the pride in a SAC wing can be exceeded.


200506051322420!|!Dan Fergen!|!Dfergen@aol.com!|!I was an Air Force pilot from 1955 to 1961.  I never saw a live Hustler, but admired it from afar.


200506081520293!|!Jon Pieratt!|!jpieratt@airmail.net!|!My Dad and I were on the fence when the first B-58 flew at Carswell. Of course, I was just a boy.......<BR>


200506121917180!|!albert holman!|!albertholman@sbcglobal.net!|!i've just gotten started in going through your sites so i really haven't had a change to really check anything out yet




200506231857344!|!Jake Weeks!|!tjweeks@cox.net!|!this site is very accurate and descriptive.I plan to come here alot more!

200506252120036!|!MSGT Richard Woodard!|!woody89@bresnan.net!|!I was a member of the 305th AMS,1962 1967, as a fire control technician.<BR>The best 5 years of my 22 years in the Air Force. Damn, I loved the 305th and it's B-58s. I can remeber loading 1200 rounds of 20mm API on 61-023 without a nose weight and the airplane sat down on it's vulcan cannon in the tail.


200506280957312!|!Donald Harstad!|!dharstad@alpinecom.net!|!Excellent site.

200507041218571!|!Burch Lovely!|!burch126@verizon.net!|!I was a non-rated AF 2nd Lt serving at Lackland, F.E. Warren and Ashiya, Japan in 1954-55. Additional 10 years active reserve. Lived all my life in Dallas area. Although close to Ft Worth I never saw much of the B-58 from Carswell. Guess they reached higher altitudes before they got over Dallas. Thanks for the site information.


200507041511501!|!Clay!|!wynn9701@bellsouth.net!|!Great site!  Thanks for all the good work putting it together.

200507081537545!|!Al Griffith!|!Griff60840@aol.com!|!How'er ya doing? Great stuff on the Hussler.


200507150911325!|!Jim Barlow!|!barlowgirlznjim@cs.com!|!Hi.  I'm Carole's husband who you know from 24 hour fitness.<BR><BR>I'm sure you have some interesting stories to tell from your missions with the B-58.  Probably mostly classified.


200507220835395!|!Robert Weaver!|!meme5693@yahoo.com!|!I served as a maintenance technician in 1966 to 1969 at Little Rock AFB, 43rd Bomb Wing SAC and I am interested in finding out if any other old airman are out there. Please drop me a line and let me know.


200507310219150!|!Josh Gliddon!|!jgliddon@gmail.com!|!One day I hope to see a B-58 in the metal.


200508031259123!|!Jim Guay!|!jrguay77@hotmail.com!|!I was assigned to the 305th Bomb Wing in 1965 at Bunker Hill AFB which was 1 of the two wings with B-58s, the other being Little Rock.  It was one of the best airplanes in the USAF inventory. I sometimes went to the end of the runway to watch them take off at night. It looked like daytime when they kicked in the afterburners. It was a very impressive plane.


200508181255084!|!Gene Jacobi!|!gene_jacobi@yahoo.com!|!I'm a modeler and was searching for information on the B-58 when I came upon your site. Very nicely done, with great photos.


200508241015233!|!Billy R. Worley!|!billrworley@bellsouth.net!|!I worked on the B-58 from Dec. 1961 thru Dec 1969 at Carswell AFB, TX and moved to Little Rock AFB, Ark. in Sept. 1963.<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>


200509011528324!|!Frank Hahn!|!frankhahn@insightbb.com!|!I'm a '62 graduate of Bunker Hill H.S., so naturally a lot of Air Force brats were my classmates and friends, including Jackie Crane, daughter of Col. Crane, the base commander.  I recall when the B-47s at Bunker Hill AFB, later Grissom AFB, were replaced by the B-58s.  It was a beautiful aircraft, in the air or on the ground!  Just surfed in, and I plan to explore all the related B-58 sites.


200509021822125!|!Chris L. !|!rb-211@juno.com!|!Enjoyed the site.  Hustler was a great plane that doesnt get enough attention or credit.  I was born in 66, and Im still amazed that this was going on before I was born.  You guys did a great job, and a few of us still appreciate it.  Off the subject: Looked at all the pictures. Its really strange to see sleek looking airplanes parked next to "antique" looking ground vehicles.  Maybe the car industry needs to catch up by 30 or 40 years?


200509030903566!|!Ed Garrard!|!!|!Great site!  I saw a B-58 only once during a fly-by for breakfast formation just prior to June week graduation at USAFA in 1969.  It was awesome for this almost 2nd Lieutenant at that time!


200509061648422!|!Richard H Weir!|!rweir56564@aol.com!|!B-58 crewmember 1958-1967


200509062102062!|!Frank Brent!|!fnbrent@bellsouth.net!|!Great Web Site!  Thanks Darrell!  Frank Brent, DSO 43 BW, 63 BS, Carswell and Little Rock, Dec '60 through Mar '69.  Stal Eval with Bud Via '63 through 69.  Loved the B-58!


200509062126062!|!HAL SHEASLEY!|!sheashe@sbcglobal.net!|!was the c/c 454,007&668 while at CAFB.Remained as c/c at LRAFB of 0668<BR>set on time take off record of 101 with 0668 SAC record. when to job control as NCOIC COL.RILEY was the DCM.I know somebody remmbers me.<BR>got go for now.great site.  april 1959 to april 1970<BR>  


200509081408194!|!Norman Weinrebe!|!papabearnjw@rcn,com!|!Cpl U.S.M.c. Nam 1966 Vic Mayers nephew


200509141110293!|!Ruthie McNamara!|!ruthiemc@msn.com!|!Hi,<BR>   The music and pictures are great.  I showed them to my son and he was amazed too.  Good to hear from you.   Love,  Ruthie


200509180014310!|!Don Harmon, Maj, USAF (ret)!|!donharmon42@yahoo.com!|!Enjoyed the website.  I remember watching B-58s in flight long ago.  They are among the most beautiful aircraft ever built.


200509181114100!|!John Schmidt!|!johnaec@pacbell.net!|!Great site!


200509181127430!|!Bev Greenwood!|!bgreenwood@direcway.com!|!I'm impressed.  It's great to see all the info collected<BR>in one area for a person to concentrate.  I'm also<BR>happy to know that we were in such capable hands with the<BR>aircraft.  Do u still pilot for fun???   Come see us if so.<BR>My brother Jim and his wife Darlene just celebrated<BR>their 50th ann. last week with 8 of 9 of the kids families<BR>here.  Next year will be my brother Gaylord's 50th.  I think<BR>they are going to have a celebration--they are debating--but after<BR>seeing the fun and success here--they are leaning toward<BR>a family/friends celebration.  It will be around Sept. 15.  <BR>Think about that time for coming back.   Thanks again<BR>for sharing your interest and hobby.  Bev




200509211155203!|!Prent Farris!|!debra.farris@texmed.org!|!65th bombsquadron, 43rd bomb wing. if you've heard from Bill Potts, shoot my daughter an e-mail

200509222304414!|!Walt Holt!|!Waltwww@aol.com!|!Forgot the comments, now you know why the flight crews looked down on us crew chiefs.Was in the 43rd, Yes, the Best! Hey, we never set one on it's tail. 61-69 was crew chief on A/C 546. Loved my job, loved my Aircraft.<BR>I loved alert duty, but my ex didn't. Good site.


200509301620235!|!Glenn Sneed!|!glen.sneed@decree.biz!|!Thank you for taking the time to share our avaition history with the world.<BR>Cpt. Glenn Sneed, USAFR Ret.<BR>RN B52




200510170856211!|!nataly!|!nataly@yahoo.com!|!Realy good site! Vist us: http://training-video.jl-prx.com/ <a href


200510210019385!|!Chris Amundson!|!olpeteanv@hotmail.com!|!  A truly wonderfully done site. It strongly conveys the energy, emotion, commitment, humor, pride and sorrow of what was a truly remarkable program, staffed by truly remarkable Americans. Thank you all very very much for your service.<BR>  I was there too, but since I was born in December of '61 at Carswell Base Hospital my memory is a tad hazy about most....well all of it.  :)<BR>  My father was SMS Henry Amundson a Recovery Branch Team Chief, from March '61 to May '64 in the 43rd OMS at Carswell when he retired after 24 years. I am quite sure he would have been simply delighted by this site. ( I am right now looking at an 8 x 11 bw photo on my wall of Dad and 4 other gentlemen. The gentleman in the center has on a black jacket, is holding an inscribed, winged trophy in his right hand, a stub of a cigarette in his left. To his right is a gentleman with a large fur collared jacket, hands behind his back. I think these two might just be officers and pilot/navigator. Standing to the left is my Dad. Kneeling in front are two E-8s. Behind the 5 are a gaggle of younger guys who to my eye look to be ground crew) My mother only remembers that they won some big trophy for something. I believe the trophy to be the newly won Bendix or Thompson. <BR>  Dad left us in Dec '79 to go join his friends from the 2nd AD 466th BG/784th BS that he hadnt seen since he was in England '44-'45. If anyone remembers him while he was at Carswell, and has a couple of free minutes to jot an email. Id truly love to read it.<BR><BR>Chris Amundson<BR>Las Vegas, Nv <BR>


200510231618280!|!Willian J barthel!|!2wjbarthel@msn.com!|!I was an AGE Mechanic assigned to Bunker Hill in March 1961 and stayed until June 1964.


200510250855312!|!john burger jr.!|!czechme@webtv.net!|!I first b-58 was at the movies (failsafe) one scene is burnt in my brain, the hustler slowly banks over showing her belly in negitive black& white film, with those screaming GE'S!!!!!!! I think the hustler must of scared the russians good!! I have some requests.Are there any more movies of any kind with the hustler? Is it true that the GE engine would flame out an sometimes start a spin and breakup of the plane? How about a good story on ny of your flights now that the soviets are gone?


200510251347252!|!Joe LeBlanc!|!joseph.c.leblanc@boeing.com!|!Went to school on the ASG-21 and the MD-9 Defensive Fire Control Suystem in 1964, but never worked on B-58 (MD-9).  Spent many years as a B-52H (ASG-21) fire control system Technician.  Always thought the Hustler was one of the coolest aircraft ever.


200510281407185!|!Jay Carter!|!CarterSFO@aol.com!|!Darrell,<BR>   Good to find your info on the website.  As one of your FOs at AirCal, you were always most pleasant and smiling.  It was part of a great time in my life.  Flying with real aviatiors like yourself was a big part of my career.<BR>   Hope all is well.<BR>  Jay


200510281444065!|!necdet erulas!|!ned1831@yahoo.com!|!Dear Mr.<BR>When l was 18 years old ,in the "Aviation week" magazine from Turkish &American Ass. Library in Ankara ? saw the picture off the B-58 Hustler under the sun set from the front wiew.lt was a dream .45 years  ago.<BR>Thank yoy  with best regards


200510312039331!|!James F. Webb!|!webb.jim@gmail.com!|!Great site for a great airplane. I remember in the 1960's in Houston looking up to see a B-58 flying overhead. I tell it was a B-58 by the shape of the wings and the fact you could not hear it. It would pass overhead and then you would hear the sonic boom and after that you could hear the roar of the engines.<BR><BR>What a great airplane.<BR><BR>James F. Webb


200511091850263!|!William H. Easton!|!weaston4@comcast.net!|!USAF, SSgt, 305th Security Police Comm-Plotter, Grissom (Bunker Hill) AFB, 1967-1968. Provided security for alert B-58's and KC-135's.<BR><BR>Nice site.


200511121451436!|!David Nielsen!|!big51dnn@aol.com!|!Very impressive site. Thanks for your contribution in honoring those who serve and have served.<BR>I got here through a link in MSN Office Questions. It's a small world after all!


200511142224171!|!Craig Daniels!|!craig2005b@yahoo.com!|!I had not seen your association before. My father was a navigator on the B-58 when we were stationed at Grissom AFB in 1968. I remember he took me to the Base one day and showed me the plane. I was about five years old and he scared the hell out me when he opened the front hatch. The hatch opened with a compressed air switch under the nosegear and it made a loud hiss. I will be sure to tell him about this site.<BR><BR>Craig Daniels<BR>Son of Maj Thomas F. Daniels (Ret.)


200511161811563!|!DonaldL. Cash!|!hilltop422002@yahoo.com!|!I was in the 305Th Field Maintenance squadron ,instrument shop at Bunker Hill AFB Indiana 1962.The 58 was ahead of it's time. Thanks for the site.




200512061442482!|!Jack A Powers!|!jpowers20@cox.net!|!Darrell, I was an IP in the training squadron at Carswell and Little Rock. I last flew the B-58 in 1965 and left to go to Command & Staff school with a 1000 hrs of 58 time. What a wonderfull aircraft. To be able to cruise at Mach 2 at 50000 feet for 30 min was something I'll always remember.<BR>Jack A Powers<BR>Col. USAF (Ret)

200512061444452!|!tony dipietro!|!adipietro6@comcast.net!|!NICE WEB-SITE ---IT GREAT TO SEE AND HEAR FROM YOU AGAIN.  YOUR EX-NEIGHBOR- TONY


200512081133444!|!Charlie Hooker!|!!|!43RD Bomb Wing Pilot 1963 thru 1968


200512090025335!|!Walter broaddus!|!Lana_sands@yahoo.com!|!One of the the most awesome machines ever in the sky. I Can only immagine how much  better it would have been with modern Fly by wire systems, computer controled fuel monitoring, a terrain following flight system for low level flight? Give it some modern power plants and you have a machine still in front line service.


200512111907470!|!James Kenneth Sizer!|!Kingsizer@aol.com!|!Once again, I come to view this wonderful memory of the B-58 story.  I first came in contact with the B-58 story on my first overseas assignment in the US Air Force at Orly Airport, Paris, France in Apr 1961.<BR><BR>The Paris Air Show was being held there either in May or June 1961 and the B-58 was being demonstrated there. Unfortunately,it crashed during the aerial demonstration.<BR><BR>Being in the personnel business in the United States Air Force, I did all of the administrative work for the notification of next of kin and the administrative actions thereto.<BR><BR>It was not a pleasant job at all.<BR><BR>Darrell, keep up the great work and you will never know fully how important this work has been with those who have not signed the Guest Book.  However, you can guage your work of your workings by the people who have view this set up and the positive comments they have expressed concerning the love of the B-58.  My hat is off to you. Thanks so much.<BR><BR>James Kenneth Sizer, Kingsizer@aol.com, 407 977 9957, Oviedo, FL <BR>


200512120918171!|!Jerry Monson!|!monsonkj@aol.com!|!Keep up the good work!


200512121751311!|!tom jenkins!|!tjenkins20@comcast.net!|!I was in the USAF from 67 to 71 and there  was a B-58 at Chanute Ill.on a pod.I have admired them ever since.we also had one in an air show at RAF Mildenhall.


200512131318442!|!Herb Pfeifer!|!herb.pfeifer@sbcglobal.net!|!In 1960, I was transferred from San Antonio to the 19th Air Division at Carswell AFB.  In 1963, I was transferred to the 43rd Bomb Wing Operations.  We produced the 60-9 schedule. The Wing Commander was Col. Everett W. "Brick" Holstrom. His Deputy Commander for Operations was Col. James J. Jabara.  In 1964, I went with the wing to Little Rock AFB.


200512131746592!|!Dave Small!|!directdave@yahoo.com!|!I was in the AF from '70-'90 and was at Chanute AFB over the winter of '70-'71. There was a B-58 and a B-36 there and I spent quite a bit of time looking at both birds. I am fortunate to be close to the Pima Air Museum here in Tucson AZ where they have an excellent example of a B-58 amongst many other birds. The B-58 in my opinion is the 'sexiest' aircraft ever built.


200512141017043!|!Roger Boan!|!rboan@cox.net!|!I am a former DSO with the 64th Bomb Squadron at Carswell and Little Rock.  Enjoyed the site.


200512150802194!|!Chet Rawie!|!crawie@aol.com!|!Nice pix.<BR><BR>chet  55-I


200512181408110!|!Marc CHIABAUD!|!marc.chiabaud@usa.net!|!A very good site by B-58 fan FOR the true B-58s fan ! Very well done


200512181829030!|!mike karr!|!mkarr38345@aol.com!|!great a/c I envey you'r time in it.


200512192341061!|!IRISH!|!jhq1_@hotmail.com!|!PANIC, PANIC, the Nuevo Laredo flash!


200512201159042!|!H. N. Montoya!|!hnoramontoya@yahoo.com!|!Great pictures!


200512231500495!|!MICHAEL VEASEY/TUCSON,AZ!|!m_veasey@yahoo.com!|!<BR>  <BR>                                                       12/23/2005<BR><BR> MANY THANKS,I LOVE WARBIRDS THIS IS MY MOST FAVORITE,IF I COULD FLY'EM<BR> ALL... THIS WOULD BE MY PERSONAL CHOICE.SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL,EXOTIC LETHAL.<BR>  <BR>              THX,MERRY CHRISTMAS/ HAPPY NEW YEAR


200512242136586!|!Howard Bialas!|!oldcrow2@bellsouth.net!|!We salute you for your devotion and excellent work.




200512302258165!|!Timothy Cablish!|!t.cablish@midrivers.com!|!Darrell,thank you for providing a site dedicated to this fine and perhaps wonderous aircraft. Obviously years ahead of its time, I, a very limited pilot, have always been enthralled by the Hustler since it first appeared in public. That thrall was revitalized today (12-30-05), when at the library, I saw it featured in the Smithsonian Air and Space magazine. Imagine this beauty with the computer, stealth and engine technology of today. I think it could still have a place in the skies if it had been upgraded as was the 52. I drool at the thought of being at the controls. You were most fortunate to have had that priviledge. Look out model shops, here I come. Maybe there are still a few left out in the desert!! <BR>

200601031906522!|!Goebel E. "Junior" Williams!|!W8926@aol.com!|!Stationed at Bunker Hill 1965-1969.  Crew Chief Fire Protection Flight. Some of the best years of my life.  Love those 58's.


200601052125534!|!Dick Dirga!|!ddirga@sbcglobal.net!|!Darrell,<BR><BR>I just discovered the latest issue(January 2006) of Smithsonian's Air & Space magazine with a great article about the B-58. Noticed you were quoted in it. If any of your readers missed it, they can get back issues on the Smithsonian web site www.airspacemag.com.  Keep up the good work.<BR>Dick Dirga - 43BW DSO (1965-1969)

200601080033030!|!John Creel!|!jpcreel3@comcast.net!|!I remember riding down the runway at Grissom AFB just prior to a multi plane "Mito" take off looking for FOD.  (My dad was LtC John Creel, B58 pilot, 364 BS/305thBW.)  Seeing them takeoff in sequence 15 secs. apart as the sun set was fablous.  The roar was deafening.  GREAT SITE ... FULL OF FOND MEMORIES!  Glad "PEACE" prevailed ... Thanks for your service!


200601131503465!|!ted stoll!|!ted.stoll@mindspring.com!|!BHAFB, Peru, Ind, 305th Combat Support Group, 1961-1966.  Great site, great memories.


200601141637446!|!Raul Thomas!|!raul_fuente@hotmail.com!|!Excellent work. A fitting tribute to a masterpiece of an airplane. Thank You. Is there any way you could help me with some desktop/wallpaper size images of the B-58, especially the TB-58?


200601162123551!|!Russel Gill!|!rgill_1936@yahoo.com!|!Recommended by a classmate who was a pilot.


200601171459502!|!Charles E Gibbs!|!gibbs504@charter.net!|!Aircraft elec. Bunker Hill AFB  From 1960 to 1964


200601172046432!|!Claude Miller!|!rocketdoc7@cox.net!|!As a young engineer, I worked at Convair, in Fort Worth, and every evening, as  you leave the plant, B-58's would be taking off with full afterburners on.<BR><BR>Spectacular!


200601252235573!|!Phil Aldridge CDR, USN (ret)!|!phila@texhoma.net!|!Most beautiful aircraft I have ever seen (B-58) next to the B-70 Valcalry.

200601261054174!|!Don Martin!|!donerena2@yahoo.com!|!<BR>I worked for Convair on the 102 and 106 at Palmdale during the B58 production and followed it from afar.


200601271139445!|!James W. (Wally) Whitehurst!|!whitewal@inebraska.com!|!I applied for service in this bird in the early 60's, but pulled my appliction about the time I put on 'spot' Major's leaves.  Now I wish, oh I wish, that I had not.<BR><BR>Several members of our wing flew the B-58 and some of them later flew theSR-71.<BR><BR>Wally


200601271951255!|!Cec Braeden, Col. USAF Ret.!|!cbraeden@gte.net!|!Was navigator/bombardier on the B-58 from 1960 through 1964.Curtis (Pinky)Pinkerton was my pilot and Bob Siese the DSO. The bomb-nav system was great but prone to glitches. You had to be able to detect a failure before any real harm was done and switch to a backup mode. I left the program as a spot Major to go to the SR-71 as a Captain. Loved all of it!


200601272016145!|!Hal Osburn Maj (Ret) USAF!|!hsosburn@aol.com!|!Five years with the 43rd Bomb Wing, Little Rock AFB Ark. Nav/Bomb type<BR>Enjoyed flying this bird


200601301205101!|!denis perry!|!dfcp@webtv.net!|!A wonderful site--thank you---I,m ex Meteors and Vampires-kids stuff by comparison to the 58!


200601301942421!|!James E. Evans   USAF Ret.!|!jewe52@mvtel.net!|! I was stationed at Carswell AFB when we received the first B-58.<BR>Involved in the "test program" which included "cold weather" testing at Eilson AFB in Alaska. We were all proud to be involved with the Hustler.<BR>


200602011928153!|!Kenneth Boss!|!bossonnet@aol.com!|!I was a member of the 305th FMS squadren at Bunker Hill AFB, 1962-1965.


200602021925554!|!Charles H. Darnell!|!swampfox16@juno.com!|!Bergstrom AFB, Tx 1953. B29s, Kc97s  Lockbourne AFB,Oh. 1958, B47s,KC97s<BR><BR>Loring AFB, Me. 1973 B52s, No B-58s, 12yrs  SAC<BR><BR><BR>


200602040256166!|!Ken Hughes !|!kshughes11@earthlink.net!|!43RD Bomb Wing 1961 thru 1968. AEMS Flight Control. The PCLA was a nightmare. I have a lot of good memories of the B-58 and some not so good. We scared the hell out of the USSR. I'm looking for a 43RD BW patch; any idea where I can find one?


200602041556596!|!Ray Cornejo!|!raycornejo@msn.com!|!Hi Darrell:  Came across your site.  Brings back a lot of happy memories of Little Rock AFB, the guys in the 43rd Bomb Wing and the the "Hustler".  Great site.  It was a sad day to see it de-activated.<BR>Major Ray Cornejo - retired.


200602041705166!|!Dave Cresine!|!davidroy.images@cox.net!|!Hi Darrell,<BR>I was referred to your site by DeeDee Gollwitzer and just spent the last hour going over all the photo's and text. Outstanding site, very informative and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I'm a bit of an aircraft enthusiast myself (Marine Corps Aviation 1960-1964) having worked in the industry since I got out of the Corps up until I retired two years ago. I knew of the B-58 in a vague way, not familiar with all of its specs and peculiarities. I was not aware that it required a three man crew and that two of those crew members were without any forward or side vision in their  cockpits. Being somewhat claustrophobic myself  I have to wonder if that was a problem with some crew members and if so did they learn to overcome it. You are undoubtedly  familiar with the RA- 5 Vigilante that the Navy flew, also a nuclear strike a/c capable of  mach II flight. Originally, North American engineers hadn't intended to provide any windows for the back-seater on the premises that he would be able to see his displays better in the dark and would be protected from nuclear flash, but feedback on the idea from prospective bombardier-navigators was very negative. So I have to wonder if this was a problem for some on the B-58.<BR><BR>I was also surprised to see the name of my dentist, David Semrau in the photo of the International Airpower publication. Next time I see him I will mention that I visited your site.<BR><BR>Thanks for sharing this site, I will forward it on to friends that also share an interest in aircraft.<BR><BR>Regards,<BR>Dave Cresine


200602071913172!|!Jon Allred!|!ajonallred@msn.com!|!Thanks for Web site.  When I was 10 years old I saw a B-58 climb out of Offutt after an air show.  I just stared after it for a long time.  My Dad was an officer with the 544th at the time. 


200602101658045!|!J.A.Corbin!|!im2old2run@yahoo.com!|!I remember the first time I saw this bird..my brain said "spaceship".<BR>With the computer aided controls we have today,along with ultra-small video gear for enhanced visibility,this a/c would be able to give the B-1 and B-2 a run for their money.But that is my humble opinion.The guys who flew them would know better.Hats off to all who served.


200602141913182!|!George I Hammond!|!rooster58@charter.net!|!Nice job!  George Hammond   DSO  S-06-S  Little Rock  1965 - 1970


200602151605273!|!Charles fisher!|!   cfisher@itlnet.net!|!I was a crew cheif on 460&58-1011 at carswell and Little Rock . Left  Little Rock in 1965 to become a C 130 flight engineer Went to Vietnam and flew for three years in Vietam. I was awardwd 7 air medals and the DFC. But i am still proud of my of years on the  B58 it was a great airplane CHARLES  FISHER


200602190027520!|!Terrance Nolan, GM1(SW) , USN!|!gofasterred@hotmail.com!|!Love the website. keep it up.


200602191536560!|!Mike Ratliff!|!mlratliff@hotmail.com!|!I love the B-58. I am trying to find pictures and information about the cockpit and gauges for a copy that I downloaded from the internet and it was beautiful on the outside, but wasn't quite up to par on the inside. Thanks for the website for the Hustler. I hope I found good pictures. Preferably in color. <BR><BR>I have been racing my brother around the world in MS Flight simulator with by favorite and he with is favorite. Of course he likes a C119 which has nothing on the B-58. Gave him a big head start and he also cheats by running the time up to 16x on his computer. I managed to catch him in Paris, but gave him a big lead again. I don't thing I'll catch him this time, but I am going to try.<BR><BR>Mike<BR>B-58 Sim pilot<BR>P.S. Hope your horizon stays blue!


200602251105556!|!Robert M. flower!|!letob40@aol.com!|!My first Air Force assignment as a brand new spanking 2nd Lt. was in the 305th Bomb Wing at Bunker Hill AFB, Ind., in December, 1962.  The B-58 was truly a sight to see.  We witnessed a 10 aircraft MITO after Col. P.K. Carlton took over as the Wing Commander.  I also remember a bad crash on the runway in the of 1963.  Thank very much for this site! 


200602272132371!|!ronald e. fancher; pilot!|!!|!what a machine


200603010701053!|!espegado!|!Giura@frol-mail.com!|!Enjoy your site, very helpful and chock full of good memories.With very usefull information a definite bookmark.<BR>


200603041834396!|!Gregg Stopa!|!greggstopa@frontiernet,net!|!My favorite airplane. You guys (B-58 pilots) really impress me.