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1 Sun Jul 13 1997 14:25 Chip
Can this page GET any better!!!
2 Sun Jul 13 1997 14:42 Wild Bill Nelson
Looking good
3 Sun Jul 13 1997 16:10 Burwell Block
A great beginning to another fabulous Hustler home page!
4 Sun Jul 13 1997 16:25 Bobby G. Franklin
Great work. Wish I coulf do the same.
5 Sun Jul 13 1997 18:22 Bobby G. Franklin
Great Page!! Keep up the good work!
6 Sun Jul 13 1997 21:29 Mike Crawford
Very well done..a pro job and most enjoyable...
7 Tue Jul 15 1997 22:39 Mark Schaeffer
I have seen a B-58 at the USAF Museum, in 1989.
8 Tue Jul 15 1997 23:08 John
Great home page!
9 Wed Jul 16 1997 00:31 Serge Batoussov
Nice page!!! Would be interesting to read more information 
about this great aircraft. Visit my aviation links page at 
10 Wed Jul 16 1997 13:56 Erich Weinfurter
Always loved the B-58
11 Wed Jul 16 1997 16:19 Jeff Ward
I enjoyed the site. As a kid, I had a chance to watch a single B-58 do T&G's in Ft Worth. Even 
built the plastic model w/the pop-out ejection. 
My only close-up view was at Pima Air Museum in Tucson. The main gear machine work was so 
delicate. The B-58 has to be one of the most beautiful airplanes ever built. I can sure 
understand your reason for maintaining the web site. 
From the beauty to the beast -- do you know of any good B-36 sites? I grew up under these 
monsters in El Paso (Biggs AFB) 
Thanks for the site -- Jeff Ward
12 Wed Jul 16 1997 17:27 Anthony G. Sanchez
I just got back from a 1 week visit to see the B-58, among many other planes. I never get board of looking 
at that plane. It is just amazing. Nice to get home and find a B-58 home page.
13 Wed Jul 16 1997 18:11 Steve Billings
As someone else already said "another great B-58 page" - as far as I'm concerned you can't get too 
much B-58 info! I've got every book, plastic model kit and article printed (I think!) about the 
Hustler - also been able to photograph the aircraft that are "still alive" today - keep up the GREAT work!
14 Wed Jul 16 1997 19:00 Dan Sibbet
Good site. Love the B-58. Best B-58 experience for me was in 1964. I was 
a manual weapons controller at Havre AFS in Montana. and it was one of those ADC vs. 
SAC things. I was controlling a pair of ANG F-89Js, with the nuc Genie. Hustlers came screaming in, I was paired for a head-on. Scorpion pilot goes under, pulls the stick, goes over on his back and pickles the Genies. The PK chart said,  splash one B-58. The Sac guy was way ticked. I was thrilled.
15 Wed Jul 16 1997 19:49 Marc Reid  MarcReid@AOL.COM
Great home page! My father was part of the team that developed the Doppler radar system for the B-58 and we were stationed at Carswell 59-63. Great memories of all those Convair deltas streaking around the place. B-58 trivia 4 U: name the famous pop singer whose father set a speed record in the Hustler.
16 Thu Jul 17 1997 09:02 Major Steve Wood
I'm always looking for pages dedicated to the "Hustler." I remember watching them when I was growing up...amazing! And a good friend of my family was a '58 driver...his crew made the first successful 3-man ejection. And as memory serves...he has the seat/pod in his garage to this day! Along with other assorted bits of memory. Unfortunately he lost many of his photos, etc., in a home accident. 
Still an impressive plane after all these years! 
Best Wishes! 

P.S. The '58 pilots name: Claude L. Montgomery...we just called him "Monty." LSU grad from 1949...retired in 1979 after 30 years; Colonel. I was a cadet at the Academy then; had the honor of being his retirement color guard commander.

17 Fri Jul 18 1997 11:37 Thierry Van Pevenaeyge
One of the most beautiful aircraft ever built !
18 Fri Jul 18 1997 12:05 John T. Tilton
I'm a retired Navy Master Chief (E-9), and spent 22 years working on F-4s and F-14s, retiring as an F-14 squadron maintenance Chief at NAS Miramar, Cal. I've always loved *all* military aircraft, and one of my biggest regrets is that I've never laid eyes on a B-58. Someday I will, I'm sure. Thanks for this very nice and very well-done Web page. 
John T.
19 Fri Jul 18 1997 17:44 Phil Rowe
Well Done ! And thanks for the link to my own pages. 
The B-58 was my favorite bird, and the RF-4C second.
20 Sat Jul 19 1997 09:55 H.V. Boggs Jr.   
Was ground crew on 59-2448 from June 61 thru Sept 64, with 43rd OMS at CAFB Texas. At that time SSGT H.H. Payne was crew chief.  I am just getting started on this internet thing and I will give you my E-Mail address as soon as I figure it all out.
21 Sun Jul 20 1997 20:00 John M. Workman  gworkman
After all these years......still one of the sexiest planes to ever fly !!!!
22 Thu Jul 24 1997 00:40 LARRY MCELROY  mceelroy22@earthlink. net
was a crew chief on b-58 at llittle rock afb from 1966 tto 1970. 
24 Thu Jul 24 1997 14:26 Rascal   -
Hi Panic, 
I'm impressed. Since you didn't mention the manufacturer, does that mean they didn't give you a kickback and General Electric did? 
Hope you are feeling better and that the flowers arrived in good shape. I'll be in touch after Aug. 11. Aloha, Rascal
25 Fri Jul 25 1997 09:40 Tony DiPietro
It's good to hear from you about the B-58 days from 1961-70 at Carswell and Little Rock AFB. They were the most challenging and wonderful times in my Air Force career.
26 Fri Jul 25 1997 19:14 BJ Brown
Great page darrell -- now then, why don't you link up with me at ?? We need all the links we can get!! GOOD SHOW!! Hose'   Note from Darrell...  It's done, BJ.
27 Sat Jul 26 1997 11:53 Ben Baddley
Enjoyed the history. Thanks
28 Thu Jul 31 1997 19:10 Ron Ball ex - F86D&L ex-pert
Wonderful page. Couldn't have done better myself.
29 Sat Aug 2 1997 15:52 Gene
Although you are my "kid brother" this is the best stuff I've ever seen.  I wish I knew as much about aviation and computers as you do. 
NOTE FROM DARRELL:   Previously this was a somewhat "cute" remark from my brother, Gene. 
So I "edited" it to be a fawning fan letter.   :)
30 Sat Aug 2 1997 16:21 Bill Mayberry
I watched as several B-58's were flown in to GD for modification. When the modifications were 
complete, each airplane was flown to DM for retirement. I was told that it was cheaper to 
complete the mod than cancel the contract.
31 Sun Aug 3 1997 00:28 Jack Cullen, ATP ASMEL, DC-3, ATR-42, CFII
The B-58 was an amazing plane; 30 years ahead of it's time. It ranks right up there with the SR-71!
32 Sun Aug 3 1997 13:43 Herb Reeves
A neat page! I retired in 1985 after 37 years with Consolidated,Convair,and later General Dynamics. 
We were proud of the B58!
33 Mon Aug 4 1997 15:58 Ron Wildes
You have made a great page even better. Ron
34 Mon Aug 4 1997 18:13 SMSgt. John K. Clifford USAF (Ret)
Thanks for the sigtht. Although I worked on B-47's, KC-97's, B-52's, KC-135's and KC-10A's I think the B-58 was a beautiful aircraft. 
Kevin Maintainer
35 Mon Aug 4 1997 20:24 Al Gillis
Nice pages... I've just visited once but bookmarked you so I can come back and check more of 
your information. I like the B-58 photo and the links to other pages. Thanks for putting this together so we can all enjoy it! Keep at it! 
36 Tue Aug 5 1997 04:43 alan Klein
I was a member of the 43 Bomb Wing at Carswell AFB back in 1960. Is it possible to have a list 
of EWO's as I would like to find some OLD friends. I also have an 8X10 color photo taken from about 
5,000 feet showing 60 B-58's lined up awaiting the scrap heap. Interested? 
Alan Klein    Note from Darrell:  I now have it from you.   Thanks, Alan.
37 Wed Aug 6 1997 12:43 David Pearce
Nice to learn about someone who actually flew the plane.
38 Sat Aug 9 1997 13:16 Don Raasch  DTRaasch@AOL.COM
Still the best acft SAC had and the best people to operate and maintain it.
39 Sun Aug 10 1997 19:48 Brian Nelson
Its interesting to hear about the B58. It is a forgotten aircraft. I wonder how it might have compared to the B1 if it had been given the development it deserved. I am an ex Royal New Zealand Airforce A&P mechanic. I worked mostly on the A4. I appreciate aircraft that are the simplest and lightest that can get the job done. Keep the B58 alive in our minds.
40 Mon Aug 11 1997 14:44 Jim Hamilton
Nice job Darrell! You are my idol; Do we still double the altitude, add 20,and subtract the 
number of feas on my doggy to figure out when to start down? I understand you got some new parts. 
Everything OK? All the Best, His Royal Airworthiness JH
41 Wed Aug 13 1997 19:27 Jimmy Jean
I spent my youth maintaining the engines on the B58 in the 3958th OE&T-43rd. BW and 305th. 
I always enjoy seeing anything about the B58. As with most of my peers, I had a love/hate relationship 
with them. The engines were very dangerous in the beginning and difficult to maintain...Just as we finally had a good safe engine we phased them out...Just a little trivia- Part of the success and reliability of the F4 in later years was because of the improvements in the engines applied to the J79 in the F4--lesson learned from B58...I spent 10 years working on these great least 6 days per week...and I still loved the. 
42 Wed Aug 13 1997 20:47 John Reynolds
Retired American Airlines Captain living in San diego area. Ex 64th Bomb squadron LRAFB 1963-1966.
43 Thu Aug 14 1997 09:39 Irvin B. McKain  MACKFLY@AOL.COM
B-58 ground crew member. I was with the 43rd. BW Carswell and Little Rock. Aug.62 till Aug.67 Glad someone is doingsomething to get some info out on our old "love". This was first acft. I worked on. E-mail me sometime! I have a B-58 pilot friend here in Nebraska.
44 Thu Aug 14 1997 18:27 Tom Hogg  thogg&
Aircraft Commander at Grissom AFB 1968-1969. Field tested the capsule 3 April 1969. WORKED!!! Great web site. Thanks for keeping the memories alive.
45 Thu Aug 14 1997 20:29 R. Reno
A great home page with great links.
46 Tue Aug 19 1997 21:32 Rhett Lennox
Good to see some of the older aircraft still finding a place on the net!
48 Thu Aug 21 1997 18:07 Ken Nott
Hi Darrell 
Really nicely put together; I shall see if I can get my system configured to hear the MIDI file. I'm glad you were able to put this site  together so that this important piece of aviation history could be preserved. 
49 Fri Aug 22 1997 18:38 BRUCE GILMAN
big D, what a great job, as you know you are my hero,hope the new pieces are all doing their job!great site , will pass it along.B
50 Fri Aug 29 1997 12:55 Jack Irwin
Great page.....I was a crew chief on the 58 at Bunker Hill(Bunker Stump Air-sheen Dump)1962-64. Am now a Capt. with TWA. 
51 Wed Sep 3 1997 12:02 Bob Skinner
I am intrigued by the information on the B-58, as I had never heard of it before. I will be checking out your links to the other sites also. Thanks.
51 Mon Sep 8 1997 19:52 bill horne
The only better looking plane was the black bird. 
Maj USAF (Ret) B-52 EWO, DC-130 LCO, AC-130 Black Crow and FCO, and 2 years in hell at 12 AF.
52 Mon Sep 8 1997 20:27 Scott Wolcott JR.
Thanks for the information you sent me. 
This site is Great!!!
53 Fri Sep 12 1997 10:05 Joe Nauman
Just writing to see if you knew my dad, Dick Nauman. He was a DSO at Grissom from early '68 through the end of the program. He flew with Tom Hogg and James McElvain. 
Note from Darrell:  Message sent.
54 Sat Sep 13 1997 09:02 Bobby G. Franklin
55 Wed Sep 17 1997 01:35 Bob Pohlmann
Glad to see a sight about this aircraft.
56 Sun Sep 21 1997 06:48 carl d.wilson (red)
i was a crew chief from 1961 to 1970.i watched the first one land at bunkerhill and the last one leave. i took the last one to bombcomp in 1969 aircraft 121
57 Mon Sep 22 1997 20:47 Neil P.(AKA The Stickman) Kline  RACINCOUPLE@WEBTV.NET
Glad to see that someone else likes aircraft that aren't the most popular or recognized, butare the most orignal and beautiful. I used to be full of passion for flying and aircraft, but the flame went out. With help for people and things like this I hope to relight it soon. Always loved the Hustler, and while I only flew a PA-12 super cruiser I could always still dream. THANX
58 Thu Sep 25 1997 14:15 Mike Hill
Hi: I found your site concerning the B-58's operational years. I lost. I remembered that the B-58 went out of operational service before 1970. Anyway, great airplane and picture. V/MHill
59 Mon Sep 29 1997 21:04 dr stu hyderman Chiropractor and Stearman driver
awesome machine the B58. Thanks for your email--Lots of taildraggers on the net!!!
60 Tue Sep 30 1997 10:21 Don M Dobbins  -
This is great stuff, I vividly recall the B58's stationed at LRAFB. What a hot machine, and what a 
let down when the flying dump trucks (C130's) arrived after the 58's were sent to the bone yard. 
Kind of like trading Cindy Crawford for the lunch lady... 
61 Tue Sep 30 1997 19:27 Mike Greenspan
Thanks for the memories. DSO, 366BS, 305BW, '66-70. Same crew (S38) from CCTS to the Boneyard - Lloyd Conduff, AC and Bill Young, Nav
62 Wed Oct 1 1997 20:30 Fernando Hernandez
63 Wed Oct 8 1997 07:51 Bob Stone
Hi! How's my hero? Great Web page.
64 Sat Oct 18 1997 10:14 William E. (Scotty) McDonald
The hustler was a truly grand design.
65 Sat Oct 18 1997 14:13 Bill Finch
Somehow this all seems like it happened a long long time ago. The B-58 was a unique aircraft 
and from a pilots view I hated to see it vanish. The B-58 could arrive early, get the job done, 
and bug out before anyone was awake. RIP
66 Sat Oct 18 1997 22:38 Dick Thomas
Thanks for more good memories on the Hustler. I was a ground crew member in the 43rd at Carswell and Little Rock. Like so many of us that were in the program, I am very proud to have been a part of the most beautiful airplane ever built. So what that we had many maintenance hours,It was worth every bit of it. I was in from 63-67.
67 Sun Oct 19 1997 08:04 Dick Thomas
P.S. I am trying to find the 3 folowing patches that we had in the 43rd. 
1) 43rd Mach II patch 2)43rd Bomb wing, 3)SAC (fist with lightning) 
Can anyone help? Let me know via e-mail if so and how much to send you for the patches. 
Thank you, Dick Thomas
68 Tue Oct 21 1997 23:28 Tim Parker
This is a wonderful site. I loved reading about the B-58 when I was growing up. I have several 
models I have built of the plane, and I'm glad to have found your web page. Keep up the great 
Tim Parker    Louisiana
69 Wed Oct 22 1997 16:26 Philip
I never heard of the B-58
70 Fri Oct 24 1997 14:29 Maj. Harold Harris  None yet
Good show Darrell, good to read your page. Give Lee a kiss for me! Talk to you soon.
71 Mon Oct 27 1997 15:23 Jimmy Jean
I spent my "youth" working on B-58s at Ft. Worth and Bunker Hill. 
6 years in 3958/43 and 4 in 305th. As time goes by these become the "good old days" 
however they were in reality very difficult time for those of us whoworked on them and cared about the crews safety. 
I would not trade those time for anything!
72 Mon Nov 3 1997 10:00 JOHN STRANGE
73 Thu Nov 6 1997 18:36 John Fleming
When your page first started loading, "Hustler" was the first thing I saw and wondered what could be loading next. After reading about the B-58, it convinced me that I should have gone into the Air Force like I was thinking about.
74 Sun Nov 9 1997 11:36 c.rosco
finest looking aircraft ever made. my dad worked on j-79 for hustler at evendale plant GE is quite knowledgable about aircraft. like your web site too.what a beautifull aircraft. dont lose a powerplant though. big trouble
75 Sun Nov 9 1997 17:29 duane a. donecker
outstanding page, made my blood boil, 
76 Wed Nov 12 1997 20:11 Hugh Waterman
I was flying B-17Gs from England in 1944/45, and C-119s out of the NAS in Irvine in '59-63. 
I think I woould have liked flying the B-58, if I had been in a later generation. 
Thanks for the web site.
77 Fri Nov 14 1997 07:25 Norman D. Viehweg
I was in the B58 program from 1959 through 1969. 
How can I join the B58 Association?
78 Fri Nov 14 1997 12:24 Norman D. Viehweg
Well, I looked a little further using your links and found the address for the Hustler Association. 
I was in maintenance on the B58 from Nov 1959 through Dec 1969. First I was in the Field Maint. Squadron (R&R Shop) 
and then in Job Control (1964 through 1969) where I stayed fot the rest of my tour. 
Who will ever forget those horrendous Bar-None ORIs. 
I think I was scarred for life by the stress of the Carswell to Little Rock move. 
This was the most challenging professional experience in my life and served me well in later assignments. Thanks for the memories.
79 Fri Nov 14 1997 21:36 J.D. Hillman
I got to see only one B58 at the Miramar Navy Airshow in about 1965. We (squadron) had a P3 on static display and this Hustler made a low pass and lit them off mid field. Goddamn. . . 
Where can I read the details of this terrific airplane. Glad I found your website. Thanks Jim
80 Sat Nov 22 1997 06:50 Richard L. Hudson
Very nice job, Capt. Schmidt.
81 Sun Nov 23 1997 03:17 Dennis Mayer
Saw 1 B-58 only..... At a Milwaukee, Wi Armed Forces Day Air Display 
Neat aircraft....
82 Sun Nov 23 1997 15:51 Robert LaBerge
Nice job! 
I was a simulator technicial working on the pilot simulator from 1964 to 1967 at Carswell and Little Rock. I'm now a captain flying the B-727 for Miami Air International Airlines. Still love and think about the B-58. It's still a "googoophonic" machine!
83 Sat Nov 29 1997 10:33 Tom Rhodes
I remember building a plastic model of this aircraft when I was young. It left a lasting impression and in 
my search of B-58 topics in the past, never came across much. Looks like others are "discovering" 
the plane now, too. Don't know if you've seen the new book "Convair B-58 Hustler, the World's First Supersonic Bomber" by Miller. I just found it in a catalog "Historic Aviations Flying Books". 
Ah, nostalgia and airplanes...what a combination. 
Best regards, Tom 
84 Sun Nov 30 1997 14:37 John
Today is the first time I got the great music and the waving flag. 
85 Thu Dec 4 1997 02:01 Jim Johnstone
Well done! 
I missed getting to work with the B-58 while I was in the AF. Wanted to, but never made it. I was in from 54 to 77. I was sorry to see them retired, and am even sorryer that there are only a few left. My time was spent 
with the B-47, B-52, RB-57f, RB-66, and RF-4c. You've got a fine page here, keep up the good work. 
86 Fri Dec 5 1997 03:58 Tony Talarigo
Nice Site; the Hustler hangs in my fathers workshop, it was one of the first bomber models he built when we were young. Nice site!
87 Mon Dec 8 1997 20:03 Joe Fishburn
Nice page.. I also liked the music. 
88 Sun Dec 14 1997 15:43 John Fenwick
My father was in the Air Force and flew the B-58 also. Maj. Richard T. Fenwick. Not too many people remember the B-58. Even pilots in the Air Force today. I am glad someone is still remembering it.
89 Tue Dec 16 1997 14:03 John Quirk
Carswell and Little Rock until the end
90 Fri Dec 19 1997 15:51 Timo  timo
Thanks for the info regarding the meaning of the word "Roger", which I now know means "Received".
91 Thu Dec 25 1997 21:28 David "Dave" Smith
Do you know how many are left in existance or were they all except a couple victims of the SALT 
talks? If any left what are conditions? 
Note from Darrell:  Several static displays.   See B-58 Links on home page.
92 Fri Dec 26 1997 18:55 David Kelly
You have immortallized a glorious lady. One of the most beautiful aircraft produced. I, as many, built one of these as a kid (have one in my garage to yet to be built). Page looks good and informative. I was blessed with one of its predecessors, B-52G. Served with the 97 BW, 340 BS as a loader for '81-'86. Keep this page 
alive and good health to you.
93 Sat Dec 27 1997 12:18 LTC Philip N. French USAF RET 1969
I was in the B-58 test program between 1958-1960 as a Navigator and DSO. Flew with Joe Cotton and Hank Dutchendorf (John Denver's Dad). Still correspond with Col (ret) Bill Komstedt who resides in Kentucky. Had the privilege to fly aboard the XB-49 flying wing. Am currently the only known person to have flown on BOTH the XB-49 and B-58 aircraft!
94 Sun Dec 28 1997 12:07 Ron Weinert  You've got it
95 Wed Dec 31 1997 06:51 Robert Machala
Looking forward to spending time at this site. The B-58 has been one of my favorite aircraft ever since I built the model over 30 years ago. 
96 Mon Jan 5 1998 15:10 Norlan Daughtrey
Nice page, Darrell.
97 Fri Jan 9 1998 15:28 ROY DERANLEAU
Darrell wow what a hustler! when can we expect a ride?better yet; I have a couple people I want you to do some low alt. recon over some of the local beaches.take care and stay in touch.THE "ROCKSTER"
98 Mon Jan 19 1998 13:21 Gary Blanton
I sincerely enjoyed your web page. As a retired CW4 who flew Army piston and turbine helicopters, I still enjoy the beauty of a "fixed wing" aircraft. I salute you and this wonderful plane! 
99 Fri Jan 23 1998 12:44 Cosmic Charlie
Subject: Edwards B-58 
Date: 23 Jan 98 16:36:37 GMT 
From: "JES"  
Organization: USAF 
 Here are the remains of a Hustler on Edwards AFB. 
100 Thu Jan 29 1998 17:11 John Schmieder
Does the Convair F102 have such a fan club?
101 Sat Jan 31 1998 10:05 Wesley R. Walker  Ichihito @
Former crew chief of A/C 11119 at Bunker Hill A.F. base Indiana. I962 to 1965. I was delighted to see a site on the old lead sled. Thanks.
102 Sun Feb 1 1998 01:10 G. SAYLOR  GS92BRONCO@AOL.COM
JANUARY 31,1998
103 Sun Feb 1 1998 19:41 Larry Lambert
104 Mon Feb 2 1998 13:49 Brad Cone
Might you have known my dad? He was a B-58 AC from late '64 to early '70 at BHAFB/GAFB. I was only a kid then (aged from 5 to 11) but have many fond memories of the place and the plane. His name is Ron Cone. 
Note from Darrell:  Sure Brad.  Ron is on our Hustler E-mail listing.
105 Mon Feb 2 1998 16:03 Melvin Rice, Maj.USAF Ret
I also flew the B-58-at Bunker Hill AFB 1962-69 when I retired. Good Job 
106 Wed Feb 4 1998 21:04 Randy Hornbuckle
It's wonderful to see a page for one of my favorite aircraft. 
107 Fri Feb 6 1998 18:42 Mike Jepson Coldwater Mi.   
B58 ground crew Bunker Hill 1962-1966
108 Fri Feb 6 1998 23:25 Edward Hubbart Jr.
The B-58 Hustler has always fascinated me. I build models for a hobby, and a small Monogram kit 
of the B-58 is what started it all for me (I still have it 17 1/2 years later). It's a great airplane
109 Mon Feb 9 1998 13:56 Carlo Kopp
Great site ! Pls keep posting ! 
110 Wed Feb 11 1998 07:41 Jason West   
My dad was in the air police and guarded B-58's as a young man he used to enjoy telling me about these funny looking planes. I have been looking for stuff on this aircraft for some time now.
111 Thu Feb 12 1998 21:30 Richard M. Garcia Maj. USAFR (R)
I was a member of the 43rd Maintenance Squadron at Carswell AFB from Nov.'59 to Oct '62. At that time 
I was an Airman 2nd Class. Col Radin was my CO.
112 Fri Feb 13 1998 07:55 Harold  Sorry, I don't remember that.
Why don't you make sites on other planes? 
113 Sat Feb 14 1998 13:06 Ernest Davis
I saw static displays of a lot of planes at Eglin AFB Fl in the early 60's always loved the B-58 but it didn't seem to be popular with the rest of the world. I keep reading about planes and there seems to be little info on the B-58. Thanks for that you provided.
114 Sat Feb 14 1998 15:41 Jim Loecher, Msgt, USAF, Retd  castlec@execpc.cpm
GREAT Site!!! 
115 Sun Feb 15 1998 17:42 Jack McMullen Sgt. Mac  mcmullen @
I was a member of 2nd Air Force 305th Bomb Wing Grissom AFB Jet Engine Tech from 1966 to 1970.O One ,of the last techs as they phased the B58 out. Really miss the B58. Think about it often 
116 Mon Feb 16 1998 08:14 Ed Smith Jr.
My father flew B47 out of Grissom. I remember the B58 being at that base as a kid. Wonderful site. Enjoyed the information. Thanks.
117 Tue Feb 17 1998 20:52 Terry Nielsen
Former B-52 pilot. Scratch building B-58 model. Are there windows in two rear hatches? 
Note from Darrell:  Yes, Terry.  The Nav & DSO each had little side windows.
118 Wed Feb 25 1998 08:42 David Sommers  DS21612&
Great info on the Hustler. 
Hq. 305 Bomb Wing SAC 
Bunker Hill AFB 
119 Wed Feb 25 1998 08:44 David Sommers  DS21612&
Wrong Dates 
305 Bomb Wing 
120 Thu Feb 26 1998 10:22 Dan Makrancy
I was on a load crew at Bunker Hill AFB in 1968/69.
121 Tue Mar 3 1998 00:55 Jim Kenevan
Great page! Thank you.
123 Tue Mar 10 1998 20:53 Patrick Walsh
Just got back from Wright-Pat. Just stood there and looked at the B-58. The stealth fighter, the new YF, nothing else mattered. Just had to look at that sexy B-58. Still hot to the touch!
124 Sat Mar 14 1998 10:30 Jim Nash
I was a DSO in the 64th from 62-69. Glad to find your page.
125 Sun Mar 15 1998 08:45 NORMAN T. HANSEN
real nice article, brings back memories
126 Tue Mar 17 1998 21:56 Terry Nielsen
Thanks for the picture of the rear cockpit hatches. Proceding with modle of B-58. I firlst saw the B-58 doing a takeoff form Ramey AFB, Puerto Rico in the late 50's. I can still see the yellow/blue flames from the burners as it rose above the hangers and just roared out of site!! Most impressive!! Always from that time wanted to fly the Hustler. Was too late though, an got B-52!
127 Wed Mar 18 1998 20:48 Lester K. McGuire MSGT Ret
I was surprised to find the B-58 on the web. I had thought it was a forgotten peice of aircraft history. 
I worked on this sweet bird from approx. Aug of 66 untill the end at Little Rock AFB. It is my favorite of 20 years in the Air Force, with the FB-111 being my second favorite and the last one I worked with. Glad to see the jet remembered.
128 Sat Mar 21 1998 09:56 Amn Darrik c Thompson USAF   
I have to say wow.But heres some history. 
A ssgt I work with was assigned to the AF heritage society.He told me this story about a 58' 
that they pulled out of a feild just off the end of the runway at ol' little rock.Seems way back when after it bellyed in they just left it.Well after several years this farmer finaly gets tired of looking at it and tells the AF to come get it.When they get there theres a couple of hundred bullet holes from all the hunters that can't seem to kill anything else.They open the cockpit and some wise guy has wired a goat to the controls.He said it must have been there a while because all there was was a skeleton.Well anyway this beauiful bird ( minus goat) now sits down for all to see at Lackland AFB REstored an standing proud
129 Sat Mar 21 1998 19:08 Timothy L. McCue
I was stationed at GAFB In. from 1985 to 1991. My squadron the 305 OMS was responsible for the preservation work on the B-58 Hustler at the base main gate. A Cmsgt.there told us that he was there when this airplane had an oxygen fire in one of the docks in 1967. Still an impressive aircraft even after 30 years. Keep up the good work 
130 Mon Mar 30 1998 16:05 Bobby G. Franklin
Looks great. Lets go fly!
131 Sun Apr 5 1998 20:37 Dale "Shady" Crady
I've been in the Air Force for going on 23 years and worked on aircraft (C-141a/b) for the first 18 years. In 1993 I was forced to retrain in Space Command (manning realignment), but my heart will always belong to aircraft. I'll be retiring in the next year with 24 years and god willing, I'll get to go back to work on aircraft. I've got experience in Aircraft Maintenance (APG) and Avionics (Autopilot, Instruments, and Inertial NAV). I first saw a B-58 Hustler at Chanute AFB, Illinois on static display and have always thought it was one of the greatest planes built. Thanks for a great web site. 
132 Tue Apr 7 1998 23:21 JOHN HAILE
I'm pleased to find your web page. I was a B-58 radar navigator at Grissom AFB until I transfed to FB-111s in 1970.
133 Wed Apr 8 1998 13:50 Philippe Monroy
Congratulations for you home page.
134 Wed Apr 8 1998 23:11 Scott Hofmann
MSgt, USAF, Ret 
Nose Picker, Tire Kicker
135 Fri Apr 10 1998 11:05 Mark Natola
Hello. I was told about the B-58 site, so I decided to poke around. I maintain the B-47 site locatd at  If I can be of any assistance, please drop me a line. 
136 Sun Apr 12 1998 16:49 Harold Snowdon,
Enjoyed finding this sight. I FLEW the Hustler as A/C in 1959 - 1962. Would like to hear from some of the original heads. 
Harold, Ft. Worth
137 Mon Apr 13 1998 18:19 Ron Fouts
I like your page. I worked on B-58's from 1966 to 1969 at Grissam AFB. Do you know where I could get some good B-58 PICs. I would like to use some for Windows Wallpaper. 
Ron Fouts
138 Mon Apr 13 1998 19:40 Bob Pyatt
Just went on to your page. I'm impressed! Did you know a Bill Griffin who flew Hustlers. By the way, we go to southern Cal to visit my son who lives in Cote de Caza. Maybe we can have a mini reunion of our own. 
Note from Darrell:  Small world!  Bob was my Aviation Cadet classmate back in 1954-55.  Yes, Bob, Bill is on our Hustler E-mail list.
139 Sat Apr 18 1998 00:48 shaun
Great site, thanks for providing the info. In the early 70's, I used to ride my bike down to the B-58 static display at Chanute (it was a beautiful aircraft!). I know that Chanute AFB has closed...Is she still there? 
  Note: from Darrell.   As of my most current information, it is still there.
140 Thu Apr 23 1998 12:52 Fred C. Calvert, E-8, USAF, RET.
Great Page. Was at Bunker Hill 61-67, 305 OMS. Waived 080 into it's first Bunker Stump parking space, was assigned as 3rd wiper and became crew chief in 65 until Nov 67. Loved that bird and the 'good-old-times'; nothing like a 12 ship mito at night, sure did lite up them farmers lives...Roar on sexy bird. 
Note from Darrell:  Thanks, Fred.  It was even more fun flying them.
140 Sun Apr 26 1998 14:24 CMSgt. Sheldon (Smokey) Stover Retired  none
Enjoyed reading all the comments from other Ex Hustlers. I was in the 43rd when it started in 
B-58's at Carswell in 1959 thru 1964 at Little Rock. Was weight and Balance Technician, Crew Chief of TB672, Recovery Team Chief before going to Bermuda, then to March Riverside, CA. Retired from Carswell Engineering Division SAC Headquarters 1972. Good site. Thank You
141 Sun Apr 26 1998 23:13 thomas tye
142 Wed Apr 29 1998 06:39 TOM PEARSON
I was station at bunker hill AFB myself from 1956-1961 was with the air police. I work at the museum some times.    Tom
143 Thu Apr 30 1998 23:54 Henry L. Stephens, MSgt, USAF Ret
CREW Chief on B58A 58-1021 "Lead The Force" Acft from 1965 to Bone Yard day. Attend Bomb Comp in 1969. My acft flew more hours than any other B58 in the inventory___3700 hours of which my crew and 
I were responsible for over 1800 hours. Would like to hear from any Little Rock 43rd BW aircrews 
or ground crews. They were the best in the FORCE.
145 Sat May 2 1998 10:23 Marty D. Schmidt
146 Sat May 2 1998 15:43 Jack Hennessee Jr.  Debbie@drake.dnet,com
Very interesting
147 Tue May 5 1998 13:03 jim pierotti
Great Page!! I've been a fan of the hustler since I was a kid. Keep up the good work Jim
148 Sat May 9 1998 22:12 Dick Wagner
Was a pilot in the 365th Bomb Sq. 68-70. Flew with Dutch Van Stockum and Kent Fry. Have found Dutch but lost touch with Kent who was the DSO. Retired in 1981, went to seminary and now an Episcopal Priest. I'm Rector of All Saints' Church in Vista CA. How do I contact the association and get on the mailing list. 
Great web page 
NOTE FROM DARRELL:  Welcome aboard, Dick, I E-mailed you the info.
149 Mon May 18 1998 11:19 norman fakier
150 Tue May 19 1998 13:35 Marcos Camerini
One of my hobbies is to build plastic models of  airplanes, but only those ones who really made 
history, like C47, P47, P51, Me109, Spitfire, among others. Talking about jets, the Hustler B58 
is my favorite from the 50/60's. The only one I saw face to face is that one at the air Force 
Museum, at Wright-Patterson AFB. Living in Brazil, you might understand how difficult is to me to 
have a chance to see one of that beauties. Keep the great job in the net and regards. 
Marcos Camerini
151 Sun May 24 1998 14:07 Gene Cox, Colonel USAF (Ret)
Excellent site! I could not help but smile each day in the early sixties, when the boom of a Hustler on its way to the Texas coast interrupted the physics classes at UT Austin which I was attending as an AFIT student.
152 Sun May 24 1998 16:42 Wayne H. Thompson
Class 55-I 
153 Sun May 24 1998 18:05 Julian Miller
Nice page. Class 55-I
154 Sun May 24 1998 20:00 Wayne F Wootton, Col USAF Ret
155 Wed May 27 1998 15:12 Kipp Martin
I'm just an airplane buff with an intrest in 1950's and 60's military aircraft.
156 Wed May 27 1998 15:31 jerry doty
super even my old 486 played the tune    see you in laughlin jerry
157 Mon Jun 1 1998 19:56 glenn ashmore
158 Tue Jun 2 1998 17:36 Rober Willis
159 Tue Jun 2 1998 20:58 Ron Knaus
Your page is great. I am going to start one soon. I hope to see you at the reunion. Also, I used to have a B58 pilot sometimes fly with me for pay time. He ate garlic and carrots all of the time. Can't remember his name. It was at Carswell AFB before they moved the B 58's out 
160 Wed Jun 3 1998 06:33 Dave Bidleman
A great web page Darrell. I'm very impressed with the expertise and quality of the design. 
I liked flying big planes and I'm definitely jealous of you driving the "Hustler". See you at the reunion in Oct.
161 Wed Jun 3 1998 13:29 Ron Weinert
OK, Pardner, I must admit I am impressed by your Website, but not as much as I was on those night intercepts we ran against the Hustler in our F-102sm when we fell in five mile trail and watched the overtake go to negative 500knots! Good work, classmate. I knew you would go far, but didn't think you would do it so fast! 
NOTE FROM DARRELL:  A lot of these last entries are my old buddies from Aviation Cadet Class 55-I (YAY!)  [55-I means we got our wings in 1955!]
162 Wed Jun 3 1998 14:44 Jim Stovall
From any angle, a truly beautiful airplane. You are very lucky to have had the chance to fly it. Jim Stovall
163 Wed Jun 3 1998 22:10 Jerry Blalock 55-I
Hey Smitty, Great home page. The B-58, I think, is STILL the greatest bomber ever made. A real beaut!
164 Sun Jun 7 1998 08:46 Bill Lessard
Great looking page Darrell. I remember trying to catch one once while flying an F-89. I was behind 
it at low altitude. He was just loitering and I was at full power, cutting him off in the turns 
but he was still walking away from me. It was a really nice bird. I wonder how it would have done 
over North Vietnam??
165 Wed Jun 10 1998 15:30 George S Rowcliffe
Flying Training class 55-I.  Nice site. Like the background. 
166 Thu Jun 11 1998 22:54 John Donovan
who is still around from the Test Force days and the Bunker Hill troops?
167 Fri Jun 12 1998 06:26 Bob Stone
Hi stranger!! Been awhile hope this finds you and Lee Ok. See ya later...Bob
168 Mon Jun 15 1998 07:34 John Burnett
Here`s another 55 I pilot. Darrell, did you get paid by the mile or by the month? I got paid by the month while flying bout 8k hrs in the C-133 out of Travis. Nice page.
169 Wed Jun 17 1998 09:31 George Thomas
Nice site..I'd like to see more data (can never get enough)..Ginger was always my favorite plane(I think I always associated her with Ginger on Gilligans Island, both fine works of art)...always remember my Uncle telling us the story of working the radar tracking at White Sands..he heard the next mission announcement of an intercept between an F-102 and a B-58..asked permission to watch the take up top, said he was looking through the big Navy style binoculars, saw the '102 but didn't see the -58....went downstairs and asked where was the Huslter, and was told that the -58 was taking off from Carswell..he said the Hustler was circling and waiting on the -102 by the time it got to altitude over White Sands (why can't we get back to days like that?)
170 Thu Jun 18 1998 15:08 JOHN YOUNT
Good show - I'm passing by at M.91. 
Glad to see you at the Reunion
171 Sat Jun 20 1998 22:14 Your Waiter "Mike"
Wow, my hero is a retired AA Captain and a Webmaster as well. What else you got up your sleeve? I love the site and I was officialy your 5050th accessor. See you at Coco's.
172 Sun Jun 21 1998 12:32 - -
Liked the changes you made, Darrell, keep up the great work...... Gene
173 Sun Jun 21 1998 14:07 Brad Kulp
I'm a big fan of the B-58 Hustler. I prized the Hustler model I built when I was a kid. 
Thanks for your site. 
Brad Kulp
174 Mon Jun 22 1998 15:11 Bill Hodges
175 Wed Jun 24 1998 15:32 Perry Ball
Was an DECM repairman on the '58 from 61 to 64 at Bunker Hill (now Grissom) AFB, IN. What a great bird! Too bad they are all gone. Still have one on display at Grissom. Stop by there occasionally and "remember"!
176 Thu Jun 25 1998 15:59 Bill Connery
Great sound on your home page . See you later B.C.
177 Fri Jun 26 1998 13:21 Brent Iwanyszyn  FNFAL M14
The B-58 is the bomber of all bombers!
178 Sun Jun 28 1998 13:49 Pete Bostrom
Outstanding page from another former 55-I classmate. Keep up the good work 
179 Mon Jun 29 1998 11:58 John Haller
Crewed 068 At Bunker Stump Airplane Dump (61-64); First 58 to get 50 on time take offs. Worked with T/sgt Lager, NCOIC Sgt Scimeo, Sgt Pappy Teague and a bunch of other great men. It was a great A/C, but the men (air & ground crews) were outstanding. 
180 Thu Jul 2 1998 11:08 Bob Hughes
It has been a long time, but the memories go on. I was stationed at Bunker Hill from 1962-1966. I was the DSO with Stan Bailey and Bruce(Dan) Jennings. I am now living in New Hampshire.
181 Fri Jul 3 1998 19:59 Don Pyeatt
Liked your site and your links! Here's mine:
182 Sun Jul 5 1998 13:37 Staton
I just saw my first Hustler (trainer variant) today @ the Lone Star Flight Museum in Galveston, TX. It was impressive. Glad your page was here because it is a plane I did not know much about. Thanks.
183 Sun Jul 5 1998 21:40 Joe Shaughnessy
Since I was a little boy, I've admired the shape and size of this airplane. The only thing that comes close to it in "sex appeal" would be the SR-71. Please let me know if you ever hear of a flight simulator and also if I can find flight stories online. This was a real Cold War Princess. 
NOTE From Darrell:  For stories, try the link on my home page "B-58 Hustler, (Phil Rowe's Home Page)"
184 Tue Jul 7 1998 01:06 Denver D. Robinson
I sat in a B-58 as an AFROTC Cadet in "summer camp", at Little Rock AFB in hmmmm...1967 or so
185 Tue Jul 7 1998 14:15 Earle M. Boone
Hello Darrell, it was nice to see you again at the reunion! Earle
186 Wed Jul 15 1998 20:08 Paul Doyle
Outstanding page! A fitting tribute to a gorgeous plane...well done!
187 Thu Jul 16 1998 16:42 Tracy A. Pfannkuche
Great page! The Hustler was obviously the coolest aircraft ever put into production (surpassed only by the Valkrye) To bad the maintenance on the plane was one reason it was retired so early. Yes, I'm a maintenance troop! 
Thanks again!
188 Thu Jul 16 1998 22:49 terry moran
189 Fri Jul 17 1998 15:16 John Moses
Nice to find your page. My dad was Eugene Moses who was the second seater on 59-2451 (Firefly). 
He and the pilot, Gene Murphy, 'went in' in Paris in '61. 
NOTE FROM DARRELL:  John's dad, Eugene, perished with his crew in an accident 6/3/61.   They are all remembered by their fellow aviators.  Major Elmer E. Murphy, Pilot; Major Eugene F. Moses, Nav/Bomb; and 1st Lt David F. Dickerson, DSO.
190 Fri Jul 17 1998 19:54 Erik Nieman
Very Nice ! I`m stationed at Beale AFB, currently working on the U-2s. I have always loved the Hustler and the Valkerie.
191 Sat Jul 18 1998 19:59 Frank Brent
Great Home Page. I remember you, but I don't remember your squadron and crew. Love the B-58. I was a DSO in the 63 Bomb Squadron from 1960 until March 1969. Flew with Bud Via, Gene Schotts, Walt Renelt, and Burwell Block. When I left the 58, I went to the RF-4C with Dick Reynolds and a combat tour in SEA, Udorn and Saigon. F4 was fun but the 58 was more fun. Hope to see you at next reunion. 
192 Sun Jul 19 1998 08:20 Tracy A. Pfannkuche
Yes, the Hustler was the coolest production aircraft ever built! Too bad it was such a pain to maintain and that was one main reason for its demise (yes, I'm a maintenance troop!)
193 Sun Jul 19 1998 11:58 Curtis Chappell
43rd BW 1963-1969. DSO. Gone are the days of sitting on alert. Thank goodness. I ended up with 982 hours in the B-58. Good ywars.
194 Sun Jul 19 1998 21:20 Maj. Archie M. Anz, Jr. USAF,Ret.
I was a B47 AC, 343rd BS at Lincoln AFB, Nebraska.  Our Squadron Ops Officer, Maj. Robinson (can't 
remember his first name, we called him Robby, went to B58's at Bunker Hill. Do any of you remember 
him? I would like to get his email address if he one. Great site, I was always amazed at the 58. A beautiful bird.
195 Mon Jul 20 1998 07:05 Mack Turley
Hi Darrell, Excellent web site! Reading your Guest Book brings back lots of memories of days long past. Keep up the great work!! Mack 
196 Wed Jul 22 1998 11:46 Frank L. Cessna III
197 Fri Jul 24 1998 07:28 Clinton J. Biediger, MSGT, USAF, Ret.
Excellent information, hard to locate elsewhere.
198 Fri Jul 24 1998 21:26 Ted Robinson
Great Job.. The B-58 is a favorit of mine too.. Thanks..
199 Sat Jul 25 1998 13:21 Charles E. Miller
I grew up about a mile off the north end of the runways at GD and Carswell. I saw the first B-58 test flight perched atop a tree in our backyard. I will always remember those midnight alerts at Carswell and B-36's departing about a minute apart. My Lake Worth High School senior annual featured the B-58. Anyone know what happened to the B-58 that was on display at museum (now closed) on Grants Lane entrance to GD?
200 Tue Jul 28 1998 18:40 Carroll G. Duncan
I have flown as Navigator on most of the aircraft in the Air Force. The B-58 was the most outstanding aircraft I have ever come in contact with. It has left me with fond memories.